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For bullied workers, relief comes from reclaiming control

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

The most recent WBI survey has clearly shown that traditional (employer-compliant) tactics for individuals to solve their bullying problems don’t work — averaging a 97% failure rate. All tactics (confronting, seeking help from HR or the bully’s boss or the owner) lead to retaliation because employers can’t stand the fact that you have made them aware that bullying happens in their place. Bullied targets are messengers of bad news. Never mind that every workplace can be prone to bullying. Shooting the messenger becomes the most important task rather than fixing the work environment that fostered bullying.

The problem with those tactics recommended by “workplace experts” is that all demand acquiescence to another person’s control of your worklife — bully, HR, senior management or owners. The single common thread uniting all bullies, regardless of rank or tactic used, is the personal need to control the targeted individual.



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