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WBI Webinar: Making the Business Case

Friday, August 8th, 2014

The WBI Target Action Plan is our suggested course of action for bullied targets who have back-stabbing coworkers, unsympathetic bosses, no union support, and a host of employer representatives who tell them that the bullying is their fault. Forget rational appeals for help made to enablers of the bullying. They are part of the “vast conspiracy” making it a case of many against one. The tendency is to implore that the emotional abuse stop and that is typically done in an emotional way. The WBI plan teaches you to become an unemotional advocate for yourself by making the “business case.”

Watch the latest WBI webinar to learn how.


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Estimating the Costs of Workplace Bullying

Thursday, April 24th, 2014

This tutorial is for bullied targets who decide to fight back. Do not confront your bully. If you could have done that successfully, you would have. Waiting for months makes whatever you do ineffective. It’s not your style. That’s OK. Nor should you bother to explain to anyone who will listen (and the number of those people dwindles by the day) the emotional harm you suffer. That tale will scare people away and make you appear weak and psychologically frail. What can you do?

The best option is to spend time, while off on job-stress disability leave at home, researching the historical effect the bully has had on the organization. Below, we explain how to estimate the total costs associated with that one person or group of bullies. Make the impersonal, consultant-like, economic, bottom-line case rather than an emotional appeal.

Our approach is not idealistic, or utopic, as one commenter suggested. It is grounded in reality. Read our rationale for this approach, fully taking into account the fact that most employers would rather defend and retain the bully than the bullied target. It is an irrational decision to be sure by employers, but bullying itself is an irrational, indefensible act.

Here’s the way calculate losses attributable to the bully.



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