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Open Door Policy: How’s that working for you?

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

Management tells non-supervisory workers (underlings, subordinates) that direct, honest communication with your boss is possible, as if both are equals. It’s called an “Open Door Policy.” Sounds great, but rarely practiced. Just another disingenuous biz buzz phrase that rings hollow. Here’s an example of the words:

At Cablevision we maintain a true culture of family and teamwork based on mutual respect. We foster an environment of camaraderie, equality, cooperation, dedication, and recognition. We believe in the importance of supporting our employees by providing excellent career-development opportunities, tuition assistance, valuable training, and maintaining an open door policy.

An “Open Door” is offered as an excuse to convince workers there is no need to bring in a union for representation. Target, the retailer, uses the ploy. Watch the video to see for yourself.

But workers and managers are not equals. Here’s an example of what actually happened when workers try to use such a policy. 23 Cablevision (see its policy above) Brooklyn, NY union workers were fired on Jan. 30.



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Union Refs Allowed Back by Greedy Owners

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Unions don’t win many fights against bullying employers these days. Chicago teachers won but will now have 30% of their evaluation based on student test scores. Caterpillar machinists (IAM) strikers conceded everything to end their strike. 45,000 CWA & IBEW Verizon workers preserved their collective bargaining rights just last week.

The 121-member NFL Referees Association, thanks to ineptitude shown by non-union replacements, won a new 8-yr contract with the National Football League. The league locked out the refs. Technically, it was not a strike. The NFL insisted that referees give up their fixed pension plan and convert to 401K (gambling with retirement funds by investing in Wall Street, risking losses like many Americans experienced in the 2008 financial meltdown). The current refs are “grandfathered in” (though the newest professional ref is a woman) to retain their pensions. Newcomers won’t be so lucky.



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NY Unions Support 2012 Healthy Workplace Bill (Part 2)

Monday, May 14th, 2012

At the April 30, 2012 New York State Capitol press conference coordinated by the NY Healthy Workplace Advocates, an affiliate of the national Healthy Workplace Bill Campaign, lawmakers and endorsing unions and organizations were joined by four eloquent bullied targets. NY State Coordinators Tom Witt and Mike Schlicht hosted and concluded the event.

Part 2 – Unions & Orgs (17:37)

Speakers: Michael Gary, Healthcare Coordinating Council, CWA; Iris Delutro, Professional Staff Congress, AFT; Tom Comanzo, Public Employees Federation (PEF); John Richter, Mental Health Association for NY State

WBI has broken the 70 min. press conference into 3 parts for easier viewing.

View Part 1: Lawmakers

View Part 3: Targets


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