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Who you gonna believe? The “2 sides” of a workplace bullying story

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Bully apologists always claim there are two sides to every workplace bullying story. That’s true. But they assume that both sides are factually and morally equivalent. That’s not true. Just as in domestic violence cases, the abuser does have a side. He (thinks he deserves and) “needs” to be free to express himself with physical aggression against his partner, even feeling murder is justified because “if I can’t have her, no one will.” That certainly is a side, an opinion and a strongly-held belief.

Contrast that irrational view with the other side, the perspective of the abused partner. Her needs stipulate an end to threats of violence, of constantly living in fear of unpredictable emotional and physical explosions. She needs safety — physical and psychological — for herself and the children.

Yes, there are two sides, but with whom does a decent person side? Who has credibility? Who would you believe when their tales clash? Who benefits from lying and who does not? It’s not too difficult to distinguish reality from fiction in domestic violence cases.

Now turn to abuse in the workplace. It stops short of physical attacks, but is psychological violence nevertheless. As illustrated above, there are two sides to the story. One such scenario played out in public recently. Which side do you believe?



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Catholic school fires teacher stalked by abusive ex

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

A story of double jeopardy — a victim of domestic violence is treated like a criminal by her employer. Carie Charlesworth, 2nd grade teacher at Holy Trinity school in San Diego, warned her principal that her ex-spouse was on the grounds despite a court restraining order. The school went into lockdown. The abusive man subsequently went to prison for other crimes. Carie was fired and prevented from working for any other school in the diocese (district). Read the termination letter. Sadly, her four children enrolled at the school were also tossed out.

Simply put, because the violent man broke his restraining order, teacher and mother Carie was punished.

Video from NBC-TV-7, San Diego

A 2011 study by Legal Aid Society-Employment Law Center Project SURVIVE found that nearly 40% of survivors in California reported being fired or fearing termination due to domestic violence.

The full story at the TV station website.


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Abuse at Work: Still not taboo after all these years

Friday, March 15th, 2013

At WBI we define workplace bullying as health-harming. It not only triggers a host of stress-related diseases that compromise the bullied target’s health, in its severest forms, it is another form of interpersonal abuse. Yes, abuse. Not simply eye-rolling as trivializing critics mischaracterize it. Bullying is a non-physical form of workplace violence. A systematic campaign of interpersonal destruction launched by a single instigator and executed by many joiners. It becomes an attack by many against the lone principled and shocked target.

American society reacts oddly to workplace bullying. Those to whom it has happened (35% of adult Americans) do not doubt its seriousness. Those with no experience are inclined to doubt and castigate the victims as somehow deficient. But we can’t wait for everyone to personally experience it before they agree to stop it.

There is precedent that even in the indisputably violent culture that is the U.S. some forms of abuse have been acknowledged to be morally wrong and prohibited — not eliminated — but frowned upon and condemned. They are taboo — not workplace bullying.



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Good Samaritan fired by casino manager

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Pond Muony, manager, Lucky Bridge Casino in Pasco, WA fired Jessica Haines for daring to call the police to try to apprehend a man she witnessed beating a woman and driving away. Haines did this after her work shift ended, she had changed clothes, was outside in the parking lot and on her own time.

Muony said Haines did not follow “procedures.” The casino’s website boasts of new management. Way to go Pond! Google search Lucky Bridge Casino and see how the Haines firing has buried the casino’s attempt to have gamblers find it. Fire the manager for creating a public relations disaster.

NBC Right Now/KNDO/KNDU Tri-Cities, Yakima, WA |


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