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WBI Workplace Bullying Retreat: A day for restoral, dignity & hope

Friday, April 18th, 2014

We announce the first-ever healing workshop for bullied targets and their loved ones.

WBI Workplace Bullying Retreat - A Day for Restoral, dignity and hope

The inaugural Workplace Bullying Retreat will be Saturday May 31 in Bellingham, WA. The one-day Retreat is facilitated by WBI founders, Drs. Ruth and Gary Namie. Attendees will understand the storm that ripped through their lives, its impact on their health, and solutions when employers do nothing to stop it.

“Bullying is perplexing, leaving targeted workers with lingering questions such as ‘Why me?’,” said Dr. Gary Namie. “The retreat is designed to answer those questions so the person can move on with her or his life after bullying.”

This new workshop differs from WBI’s other programs that emphasize education alone. The Retreat is designed to create a validating, encouraging, emotionally positive, healing, and supportive, safe harbor for attendees who have endured emotional abuse.

“No one else has talked with over 10,000 bullied targets like we have,” remarked Dr. Ruth Namie. “We’re proud to create this first-ever, in-person experience just for targets after 17 years of advocacy on behalf of targets.”

Family members are also encouraged to attend in order to learn how to best help their loved one move on toward an abuse-free working life.

The first three scheduled days in 2014 are May 31, July 19, August 23

Visit the Retreat page for details.


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University discount ends Feb 14

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

If professional training in Workplace Bullying is on your bucket list for 2014, you have one week to put down a deposit to hold your seat in any of four remaining Workplace Bullying University® sessions in April, June, August or November. Discount is $1,000; deposit is $600; tuition is $2,600. Offer expires Friday Feb. 14.

Designed for nurses, union officers, counselors, social workers, academics, physicians, researchers, psychotherapists, attorneys, trainers, individuals transitioning to new careers, HR, and new advocates.

Feb. 14 University $1,000 discount


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Back to school for professionals: Workplace Bullying University® in Oct & Nov

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

It’s fall. The Workplace Bullying Institute announces the final 2013 sessions of its Workplace Bullying University®. University, begun in 2008, is the first and only research-driven training curriculum for professionals to develop a mastery in workplace bullying created by the Drs. Namie, Ruth & Gary.

Ideal for professionals in mental health, healthcare, law, unions and HR.

Oct 11-13 Houston, Texas
Nov 15-17 Bellingham, Washington

Visit the University website for details and discounts.


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Education & Workplace Bullying: 2010 WBI Survey

Friday, September 17th, 2010

There are many myths and misconceptions about workplace bullying advanced by disbelievers and opponents. One portrayal is that bullying affects only the uneducated, unskilled workers.

The WBI 2003 online survey reported that the five top reasons individuals are targeted for bullying, in rank order, were: (1) refusal to be subservient (being independent), (2) being more technically skilled than the bully, (3) being liked by co-workers/customers (being the go-to expert), (4) being ethical and honest, and (5) not being sufficiently political. Thus, people are targeted for their strengths and the threats they pose to the defensive, narcissistic perpetrator.

In the scientific (nationally representative) 2010 WBI U.S. Workplace Bullying Survey, respondents could check whether they had a college degree (or beyond) or whether they did not have a degree. That allows us to determine if the reported experiences with bullying differed according to education level.



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Stealing From Children: A Great Injustice Of Workplace Bullying In America’s Schools

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Guest essay by Matt Spencer, EdD, veteran school administrator and HR professional, connecting the dots between workplace bullying in the schools and its impact on students.

“The workplace bully in America’s schools is a taker…a robber…a thief. The bully steals the dignity, self-esteem, confidence, joy, happiness, and quality of life of the targeted victim. But when the target is a teacher, a great injustice occurs because the bully robs the students of what they want, need, and deserve…. A great tragedy occurs everyday in America’s schools as thousands of children are robbed by the workplace bully of the RIGHT to be nurtured and taught by such honorable, caring, outstanding educators.”



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