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It takes all of us to stop workplace bullying. What you can do for Freedom Week.

Saturday, October 18th, 2014

Workplace bullying is a complex phenomenon because it is systemic with the majority of causes dwelling in the work environment, organizational culture. It is much more than personalities of targets and perpetrators. Thus, to stop it, we all need to pressure employers to stop running on autopilot and allowing bullying to happen as a normal routine way of doing business.

Here are WBI’s suggested actions for each of us in different roles and professions to pressure employers to reign in their out-of-control miscreants, to stop rewarding the misconduct, and to establish a positive workplace culture free of abusive conduct for the future.

Bullied Targets/Individuals
Family & Friends
Co-Workers and Witnesses
Medical Professionals
Mental Health Professionals
School Administrators
Community Leaders
State Legislators


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Got a Minute? For Employers

Saturday, July 19th, 2014


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Paskoff: Employers Should Stop Bullying Now

Friday, March 14th, 2014

Why Wait for a Law? Stop Bullying Now
By Stephen Paskoff, Workforce Management, March 13, 2014

I recently participated in a webcast discussing current workplace issues, including bullying and abusive conduct. So far, such behavior, however defined or named, has not been recognized as illegal at the state or federal level. Generally, these and other programs I have participated in mostly consider whether workplace bullying is an imminent or remote litigation risk. No doubt that’s a matter to be concerned about.

However, to me here’s the more critical question: Why are organizations spending so much time discussing what might happen in the future as opposed to addressing the organizational damage abusive behaviors are causing them right now? Wouldn’t it be a strange business world if leaders waited to maximize the profitability of their manufacturing and sales processes until some legislature passed a law compelling them to do so? But that’s just what they are doing when it comes to bullying conduct.



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WBI Survey: Employers Still Not Dealing with Workplace Bullying

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

This summer 2012, 250 visitors to the Workplace Bullying Institute website completed an Instant Poll asking what was or is their EMPLOYER’S attitude toward workplace bullying. Sadly, 88% of American employers are still sitting on their hands and not taking action to solve the problem. See the complete results below.



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Why U.S. Employers Do So Little

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Many of the facts below have been confirmed by the 2007 WBI-Zogby Survey.

  1. Targets under report it (40% of targets never tell). Employers simply may not know about it.
  2. Most (80%) bullying is legal, rendering laws and law-compliant policies inapplicable
  3. Thus, 62% of employers either do nothing or worsen the situation (retaliation) because they can do so with legal impunity.
  4. The majority of bullies (73%) are managers; senior managers and HR reflexively side with management when disputes arise.
  5. Bullies derive 73% of their support from executives, peer managers and HR
  6. Bullies (an unknown percentage) are following orders from above
  7. Executives have been bullied by the bullies. They are afraid to act. They have a disproportionate fear of lawsuits brought by the bully if they dare investigate or sanction the bully.
  8. Bullies invented their reputation as indispensable high-performers in case they were ever exposed. Target complainants are then not believed.
  9. Employers don’t actually know how to stop it. They forgot the lessons learned from having to correct and prevent illegal discrimination.
  10. Employers don’t recognize bullying as violence in the workplace. The problem is erroneously defined as “conflict,” and the wrong solutions are applied.
  11. Our society is highly aggressive and competitive. Bullies embody these two popular tactics. Hostility is more normative than the exception. So, bullying/abuse/psychological violence at work is positively embraced more often than despised.



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