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Executives can stop workplace bullying

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Executives dwell in the C-Suite. By rank, they are often referred to as “leaders,” though leadership is a demonstrable skill instead of a position on an organization chart. Executive leaders in charge are the ones who set the operating the rules for their organizations. They establish the climate that can either foster and encourage bullying abusive conduct or they can act with indifference toward it (a laissez-faire management style) which allows bullies to run wild with impunity.

Given the clout executives have, they can stop bullying if they want to. Here are the steps they can take to make their organizations bullying free. [It’s a good idea to have them read first The Bully-Free Workplace to understand the barriers that await implementation of any plan.]



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WBI Survey: Workplace Bullying from the Perspective of U.S. Business Leaders, Part 1

Thursday, February 14th, 2013


Part 1 of 2

Most of the research conducted by the Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI) queries individuals who have declared themselves to be targets of workplace bullying. That is, we are able to see the word through the lens of targets. These surveys are based on self-selected samples, and are necessarily non-scientific.

In a WBI 2010 survey of 333 target-respondents, they stated that only 4% of employers had raised awareness of bullying, whereas 81% had done nothing to stop bullying. Of the employers who did nothing, 46% were described as “resistant” to the topic.

WBI asked 311 targets in 2012 to describe policies their employers had created to address workplace bullying. Only 5.5% of employers were given credit for having a policy and enforcement procedure that effectively covered bullying (3% of those policies were titled “Respect” Policies). (WBI-2012-IP-B)

In a separate 2012 survey, 250 targets reported that 30% of their employers said that bullying “doesn’t happen” (at their workplace). Additionally, respondents said that 88% of American employers failed to take action at all. Employers denied their responsibility to fix the problem. (WBI-2012-IP-E)

The portrait of employer activity as told by targets was unflattering. We were able, thanks to the resources of Zogby Analytics, to poll business leaders directly. The results enable a comparison of target and executive perspectives.



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