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KCRA-TV in Sacramento interviews Dr. Gary Namie

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

KCRA-TV in Sacramento does a great job covering the topic of workplace bullying in time for Freedom from Workplace Bullies Week. See their coverage below, which includes an interview with Dr. Gary Namie. The California Healthy Workplace Advocates (CHWA) hosted the public event with the Drs. Ruth and Gary Namie on Oct. 20 in Sacramento.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube]


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Freedom Week proclaimed & more

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Special Events for the Week

OCT. 19. Thanks to the Texas Healthy Workplace Advocates, El Paso Mayor John Cook and the City Council will proclaim on October 19, Freedom from Bullies at Work Week! If you live in Texas, thank the Mayor. If you want to help Texas enact the anti-bullying Healthy Workplace Bill, contact the TX State Coordinator.

OCT. 19, 5 pm (central time) on Pattie Porter’s Texas Conflict Coach radio show, the story of Kevin Morrissey’s suicide in response to his prolonged mistreatment at the Univ. of Virginia. Thank you, Pattie!

OCT. 19 Wisconsin State Rep. Kelda Roys (sponsor of the state’s first bill, AB 894 in 2010) will be interviewed by Madison NBC-TV 15 news anchor Carleen Wild about her work in support of the legislation and 2011 plans. Air time is not yet set. Track the Wisconsin Healthy Workplace Advocates group for the schedule. If you live in Wisconsin, contact the WI State Coordinator to volunteer to help.

OCT. 19 & OCT. 20 The California Healthy Workplace Advocates host Workplace Bullying Institute founders giving a public seminar, doors open at 6 pm, talk is 7 to 9 pm. Oct. 19 they will be in South San Francisco. Oct. 20 they will be in Sacramento. Come meet the Namies and CHWA volunteers to learn about legislative plans for 2011. If you live in California, contact the CA State Coordinator to volunteer to help.

OCT. 23-24 BPW Saskatoon, Saskatchewan hosts a special conference for the community, “Powerless to Powerful.” Several workshops and presenters are scheduled. Topics include workplace bullying, the Ruth and Gary Namie will present, too.


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Freedom Week Saskatoon Conf: Powerless to Powerful

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Celebrate with us!


The Saskatoon chapter of Business & Professional Women hosts the

Powerless to Powerful Conference

Empowering ourselves against workplace bullying

Saturday-Sunday October 23-24

Travelodge, 106 Circle Drive, Saskatoon


Hon. D. Morgan, Q.C.

Invited Guests:

Don Morgan, MLA, Minister of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety

Peter J. Barnacle, Woloshyn & Co. Barristers, Labour & Employment specialist

Dr. Ruth Namie & Dr. Gary Namie, Workplace Bullying Institute, presentations on Sat. Oct. 23

Ruth: (1) Impact of Bullying on Individuals, Family & Community; (2) Targets & Self-Defeating Strategies

Gary: (1) Identifying Bullying; (2) Converting Witnesses to Interveners; (3) Causes of Bullying in Societal & Organizational Traditions

Shelle Rose Chavert & others

Online registration available here.


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Freedom Week Thank You

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Here at WBI we would like to thank everyone who was involved with Freedom From Workplace Bullies Week 2009.

Freedom from Workplace Bullies Week was a chance to break though the shame and silence surrounding bullying. It was a national call to action. Anyone can participate in the way they seem fit. Here are some examples of ways people celebrated.

“I composed an unemotional, professional letter to our Board of Directors and sent it.”

“I put up a poster in my local career center. “

“I put a poster in the HR office, and published an article in our company’s newsletter.”

“I posted awareness messages on my facebook and myspace accounts about Freedom Week. I also posted it on my anti-bully blog.”

“I wrote a letter to our local chamber of commerce.”

One college professor led a discussion on the topic of workplace bullying.

Many people reported having conversations with loved ones or co-workers. Many others posted posters around their home town.

Thank you to all who participated.
If you are interested in doing more for Freedom From Bullies Week next year please let us know.


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It’s WBI Freedom from Workplace Bullies Week!

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Been bullied? Seen bullying damage friends? Sick of the fool intimidating all the good workers? Tired of the owner or exec refusing to fire the bully buddy? Ill from watching the disintegration of your partner or spouse at the hands of a destructive narcissist allowed to harm others with impunity?

Take a stand. Do something different if only during this week. Eventually, we will gather and march on corporations and state legislatures demanding justice. For now, your victory may be completely personal and internal or within the work team or among loved ones. Just do something differently this week. For your health’s sake if you are the one targeted or for the others you care about.  See our suggestions.



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WBI Freedom from Workplace Bullies Week

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Coinciding with Domestic Violence Awareness Month is WBI Freedom Week.
It is a time for support, inspiration, peace and health. Most victories can be accomplished privately and be small in scope. However, major strides could be made by co-workers wishing to reverse their legendary failure to act in the face of a colleague’s bullying. We have some suggestions. You can see that WBI will be in Salt Lake City and Bellingham to celebrate the week with different kinds of events. Come attend if you can. If you are planning an event in your town, let us know and we will promote it at this website.

Download and print the Poster for your office or home(in .pdf)


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