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The Freedom Podcast

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Freedom, a much maligned word, tossed around glibly these days, means something very clear to us at WBI when talking about Freedom From Workplace Bullies Week, and all year long for bullied targets and their families.

In this podcast, we first explore some negatives we deserve to be Free From, then we turn to a couple of life’s experiences we should be Free To enjoy.

The Freedom Podcast


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For Targets of Workplace Bullying, One Freedom Matters Most

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Let the fireworks burst as we wax sentimental about American exceptionalism this week. I think I’ll sit out this celebration with our cats under the couch petrified with each blast in our otherwise quiet neighborhood. The world inhabited by targets of workplace bullying have little to celebrate as long as they live work enslaved with no apparent means of escape. The celebration of freedoms is not theirs to embrace.

Freedom. Liberty. Freedom. Liberty. Strong words for any people. But they are only aspirations for bullied targets, not the reality.

The freedom that matters most is that they simply be allowed to do their work with FREEDOM FROM meddling (sometimes just bothersome) or undermining interference from jealous coworkers (much more than bothersome) or a systematic campaign of interpersonal abuse initiated by a cruel, sadistic boss sustained by sycophant, lemming employees seeking to curry favor or protection from the assailant (an identity-robbing dehumanization).

So, bullies concentrate on contrived explosions this week, make it your life. Enjoy that life and LEAVE THE REST OF US ALONE!

Because this freedom-slogan week is crammed and during summer, WBI deliberately chose the 3rd week of October to celebrate Freedom From Bullies At Work Week. This year it is October 14-20. Read about it and stage an event in your town, company or union hall. That is the Freedom that matters most to bullied targets.


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Podcast 4: Freedom – Some Have It, Most Do Not

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Podcast 4:

Freedom – Some Have It, Most Do Not

Bullying Tutorials

A double standard regarding Freedom — Freedom To … exploit, harm, abuse (for employers, the wealthy, the financial sector) and the less frequently realized Freedom From … bullying, exploitation, harm (for the working poor, the displaced layoff victims, the rest of us)

Download Podcast 4 (in .mp3 format)


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