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Guns make gunshot wounds: It has to end – trauma doc’s plea

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

Again advocates of stopping psychological violence at work must face the reality that organizational life is part of societal life. It is all connected. Massacres remind us of the American brand of violence that is all too frequent. Bullying pales in comparison, but it is a form of violence. When we demand that it stop, we have to acknowledge the societal context.

Moral decency trumps NRA distorted rationales for availability of military combat weapons for citizens. Buried in the saturation media coverage of the Sept. 16 Washington Navy Yard massacre was a press conference by Med Star Washington Hospital Center CEO and Chief Medical Officer, Janis Orlowski, M.D.

I first heard her comments on the radio. She was remarkable in that her voice wavered as she spoke eloquently about “evil” visited upon families when death and injuries of the innocents in the typical American massacres. She said that we all have to “work together” to stop it. The “it” was unclear. Then, in response to a question, she began the statement captured in the Associated Press video below. As soon as she said that we used to fight with fists, then knives, then guns, the networks cut away from her.

She had uttered the forbidden 4-letter word: GUNS. As a trauma expert, she called massacres “senseless trauma,” and hoped that her trauma center could someday be put out of business because massacres (i.e., gunshot wounds) might be stopped. Emergency physicians have long lobbied for gun control because they see the wholesale slaughter of humans that guns allow.

Dr. Orlowski’s full statement about guns is captured in the video below. We should all listen and dive into the “gun control debate.”



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Rare, clear, condemning opinion from a politician — Gabby Giffords on cowardly senators

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords wrote in a New York Times guest editorial forcefully about her feelings toward (46) U.S. Senators who voted against the gun control package of bills on April 17. Excerpts from her Op-Ed article are below.

We advocates for anti-bullying legislation are told to tiptoe around lawmakers lest we offend them. Meanwhile the business lobbyists lie about bullying and the specifics of our bill. We get crushed by remaining civil and polite. It’s time for a change.

But Giffords reminds us that elected officials work for us and can be fired when they make wrong decisions. When their self-interest in re-election funds overwhelm doing the right thing for public safety and they coddle the NRA and Gun Owners of America and do their bidding instead. Her remarks are not delicate. Candor from this former politician is welcome.

We take her words as inspiration for all who help the campaign to enact the Healthy Workplace Bill. Giffords is a one-issue advocate now, like us. She spares no wrath when telling the truth. We should be so bold.

Here is some of what she wrote:



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CEO threatens to start killing people (with products he sells — guns) if gun control happens

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

James Yeager, is threatening to “start killing people” if President Barack Obama moves forward with gun control measures. He is CEO of Tactical Response, a Camden, Tennessee company that specializes in weapons and tactical training. Watch his unedited rant. Opponents of any form of gun control, however tame and measured, latched on to the “mental illness” connection with shooters to delay any swift action on the heels of the Newton massacre.

Well, how stable is Yeager’s mental health? Does he pose a threat to society? How much more evidence should be required? Shouldn’t he lose his license to sell and use, or even be near, firearms?

Let’s see how the country reacts to this demonstrated a paucity impulse control. By the way, he’s also someone’s boss. Violence threat assessment team, where are you?

If we don’t condemn this nonsense, America has no moral compass.


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