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Unintended consequences of making schools fortresses

Friday, January 18th, 2013

On Jan. 16 Pres. Obama adopted the NRA suggestion that public schools be fortified by police. Already, a third of schools have SROs (School Resource Officers), cops whose beat is the school. The reason is to ostensibly make schools “safer.” Will it be more cops at any price for strained cities and police departments?

Here we go again America. An outrageously disproportionate solution for a problem so rare as to be nearly non-existent, albeit headline grabbing. Meanwhile, on a daily basis, students are exposed to psychological violence from peers and they witness their teachers being victimized by abusive administrators or more senior teachers. They see and emulate the witnessed adult bullying on a regular basis. Anything being done? Nope. The excuse is that there’s no money.

Mysteriously though there will be funds for putting cops in schools, denying coverage of the very cities that hire them. Of course, in urban schools in America street violence long ago walked right in. [Watch season 4 of David Simon’s brilliant HBO series The Wire for a realistic portrayal of life in underfunded, overtested, and ignored inner city schools.]



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