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WBI Survey: Is Justice Attainable for Workplace Bullied Targets?

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Workplace bullying jeopardizes targeted workers’ careers, compromises their health and strains familial relations. Perhaps the most persistent damage from targets’ perspective is the injustice of it all. Bullying was inflicted involuntarily on them. The assaults were not grounded in facts, not even a “kernel of truth.” The most competent workers, the ones who pose threats to the deeply insecure aggressors, are targeted. The disconnect between deserving punishment and the deep misery experienced is at the heart of the injustice. Years after targets are out of harm’s way, they still feel lingering pangs of unfairness, inequity, injustice.

In the sixth Workplace Bullying Institute poll of 2012, we explored potential sources of justice. 331 site visitors responded.



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