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Fast Company: Good article on woman-on-woman bullying

Friday, January 25th, 2013

We reprint a good article on the topic of woman-on-woman workplace bullying. You can read our own thinking about it here. The W-o-W bullying phenomenon was also captured in the WBI 2010 U.S. Workplace Bullying Survey in which women bullies (38% of all bullies) targeted other women in 80% of situations.


Every Office Has Its Bullies, Here’s How to Outwit Them
by Jude Stewart, Fast Company

All of us can be difficult to work with at times, in ways we’re usually blind to. Here’s how to deal with others (and your own flaws) to defuse difficult work situations, from the authors of “Mean Girls at Work.”

Everybody knows them, that ragtag parade of office meanies: the inveterate gossip, the underminer, the credit-stealer, the boss rolling his eyes or openly playing favorites. But discussions of workplace conflict too often focus on poor innocent me, persevering amid difficult coworkers. Less discussed is a more uncomfortable fact: All of us can be difficult to work with at times, in ways we’re usually blind to. This is particularly pernicious when you’re the boss, since you’re both too pressed for time to recognize your shortcomings and–let’s face it–even your most forthright direct reports may be reluctant to point out your flaws.

Office squabbles seem minor, but their costs to individuals and organizations can rack up. In a 2011 white paper, the Center for Resolution estimated a typical manager spends 20-40% of her time dealing with employee conflicts. Office disputes are a decisive factor in most employee departures, and 90% of cause-related terminations. Truly intractable conflicts can wind up in litigation with price tags of $50,000 to $100,000 in attorney fees.



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