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Retailer’s corporate name defiles unions and union workers

Friday, November 30th, 2012

Ask any American what the term “union made” means and the most likely answer is that the product has been made, or the service delivered by, workers who are members of a labor union. But a snarky retailer started a San Francisco-based high-price clothing store in 2009, naming it UNIONMADE. According to Peter Dreier, an Occidental College politics professor, only 3 to 5% of the store’s inventory is actually union made. Dreir asked CEO Todd Barket if the moniker is misleading. Barket said. “It had nothing to do with unions. I’m surprised that people took the name literally.”

Barket confidently told Dreir, “There really are no clothing unions left. There’s no one to make a fuss.” Wow. We obviously live in surreal parallel universes. In his, unions don’t exist; in mine, unions and workers in general could and should again enjoy national popularity as the alternative to a dominating plutocracy.



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