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SCOTUS confirms that owners’ rights trump workers

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

WBI friend Lewis Maltby wrote convincingly in his book, Can They Do That?, that American workers have very few rights. Without a union bargained contract, all rights are owned by management unless state or federal laws provide specific protections. Among the industrialized nations (members of the OECD), US workers have the fewest rights.

Robert Fuller, another WBI friend, speaks and writes eloquently about somebodies and nobodys, the hierarchy in our lives. For him, the issue is rankism. It makes good sense in our nation of ever-expanding income inequality.

From the work of stress guru, Robert Sapolsky, Stanford University professor and researcher, we learn that simply organizing social groups in hiearchical ways with rank playing a role in how all resources are unevenly divided is stressful. Those dominated by others are doomed to lives of ongoing stress. Social subordination generates distress, that in turn, triggers major life-threatening diseases through disruption of the adrenocortical, cardiovascular, reproductive, immunological, and neurobiological systems (Sapolsky, 2005).

Workers bullied by higher ranking bosses (56% of all targets) will find it nearly impossible to avoid contact. That toxic contact is the exposure to stress that causes health harm.

I say all this to put into context the June 30, 2014 decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS). By majority votes of the conservative-dominated court, the rights of company owners were expanded. The (chief justice) Roberts Court has never ruled against corporate interests.

The two cases decided upon were Sylvia Burwell, Secretary of HHS v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. (13-354) and Conestoga Wood Specialties Corporation v. Sylvia Burwell, Secretary of HHS (13-356) — jointly dubbed the Hobby Lobby decision.



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The American Workplace: Non-stop surveillance state with no recourse

Monday, August 5th, 2013

An odd coincidence of our times — technology enables spying on ourselves in the name of security and we can’t seem to resist the temptation to use the technology regardless of the damage to our rights. The larger global picture is the fact that the American spy agency, NSA, turns out to have been spying on lots of people in the U.S. and around the world. But the data hoarding-mining-gathering tactics are not just for political spies.

Corporations have been spying on their workers for years.



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Employers Gone Wild: Bullying over Privacy & Healthcare

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Gimme yer Facebook password or you don’t get a job with us (or get yer job back after leave)! A Maryland state employee, Robert Collins, who works for Correctional Services returned from an approved family bereavement leave only to be told that his reinstatement depended on the surrender of his Facebook password, a new standard operating procedure. I’m not certain what people keep in their private FB accounts, but I guess it is way too much information to put in the hands of anyone who would like to fire you someday. WBI tech guru Dave tells me that passwords are akin to giving someone the keys to your house. The industry treats passwords ask keys. Apple refers to your stored passwords as a “keychain.”

The Maryland ACLU is taking Collins’ case because the MD state policy might violate federal law. The ACLU posted this tape of Collins describing his situation.



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Lewis Maltby: Can They Do That? on radio with Gary Namie

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Can They Do That

We launched The Work Doctor® radio on June 23, 2011. Gary Namie is the host.

In this debut show, Gary discusses the recent Supreme Court decision dropping the job discrimination class action lawsuit against WalMart by six women, representing 1.5 million current and former women employees of the giant retailer.

Joining Gary in conversation is guest Lewis Maltby, Director of the National Workrights Institute,

and author of Can They Do That? Retaking Our Fundamental Rights in the Workplace. Purchase the book on

Lew is a U. Penn Law graduate, attorney, former HR director, and former ACLU project director. He is the definitive expert.

Mr. Maltby sounds a warning about hidden surprises in employment law that can hurt American workers. He discusses social media and how GPS-equipped, company-owned devices extend employers’ control over workers’ lives.

Listen to the 1 hour show archived on the PWRN website.


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