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Lesson from Lance: Bullies don’t “cheat,” it’s the system

Sunday, January 20th, 2013

High profile self-described bully Lance Armstrong teaches disbelievers much about the bullying process. Follow our series: Lessons From Lance.

The ‘System’ Makes Them Do It

Bullies do not offer themselves voluntarily for scrutiny. Given the fact that the WBI-Healthy Workplace Bill has not yet become law in any U.S. state, most of bullying is legal. Without a law, employers don’t have to have airtight policies to prevent or correct it. So, only about 3% try to do a legitimate job of cracking down on offenders.

That means bullies can harm others with impunity. They face little to no risk of negative consequences. There is a mismatch between the lying, cheating, conniving bully and the fact that nothing bad happens to them. Bullies cheat by stealing ideas, credit for work not done, by gathering personal details about their targets’ lives to use against them later, blaming targets for errors that never occurred, and a host of other nefarious tactics.



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Coworker Deception

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

Erin Bryant, grad student at Arizona State, and Patricia Sias, Professor at Washington State co-authored a clever scholarly article on workplace deception. For Communications Currents, they summarized their work describing four different types of deception and the organizational consequences of each. Targets of bullying will recognize the types instantly.



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Bullying is never about the money

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Bullied targets recognize lying. Lies about needing to save money are the governors’ (expect this to roll into other states near you, Wisconsin is just the beginning) rationale for eliminating the few remaining rights workers have. You non-union folks know that you have no rights to give up. Turns out that the newly elected Wisc governor inherited a surplus. There was no financial crisis in that state, says former co-chair of the state joint finance committee, state Rep. Marc Pocan.

In states where there are genuinely dire financial straits, the governors are blaming unions. Really?  Why do we have such collective amnesia? How gullible is the American public? Remember the investors who ripped off the world and mortgage borrowers and allowed us saps to absorb the losses? And not one has gone to jail for it (read Matt Tiabi’s new article).

And so the pattern is repeated in every bullying scenario. Bullies cost the employer, corporate or government, tons of cash that the employer whines they cannot afford to spare. Yet, they keep the bully on payroll while the losses mount from undesirable turnover, absenteeism, presenteeism, workers’ comp, disability insurance, and a damaged reputation as the worst place to work. Bullies are too expensive to keep, but it’s about power and cozy relationships between executive sponsors and their favorite sons and daughters. It’s never about the money.


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