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Seattle teachers who fought testing win partial victory

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

High school teachers in Seattle who boycotted the administration of a reading and math test several times a year have won the right to not administer the test. The test is costly, a waste of time and took away from teaching time. The test is the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress). The MAP is sold to the district by a company (NWEA) whose former Board member also became a discredited and terminated District Superintendent.

In a May 13 statement, Seattle schools superintendent Jose Banda yielded and gave high school teachers the option to test or not. That’s the good news. And Banda will appoint another group to study the utility of the MAP for the future.

The victory is only partial because the MAP will still be required in grades K-8 two or three times per school year. Banda had formed a task force in response to the teacher boycott. A teacher survey followed. Fewer than 30% of those who responded to the survey believed the MAP is worth the time and effort.

Jesse Hagopian, teacher at Garfield High School where the boycott started (and spread to other schools involving hundreds of brave teachers risking discipline), told the Seattle Times, “This struggle is far from over.”


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Education reform by the real experts – Seattle teachers purge tests

Sunday, January 13th, 2013

“There is something grotesque about the fact that education reform is being led not by educators but by financiers and speculators and billionaires.” Chris Hedges.

Teachers at two Seattle high schools have rebelled against one standardized test. This is perhaps a national first and could launch a movement. In a letter describing the rationale for their decision, Garfield High teachers, the first group to take action after a nearly unanimous vote of teachers (3 dissenting), declared:

“We are not troublemakers nor do we want to impede the high functioning of our school. We are professionals who care deeply about our students and cannot continue to participate in a practice that harms our school and our students.”

New York University Professor of Education Diane Ravitch told Seattle public radio KUOW that the boycott may be the first in the U.S.



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