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Value of creating your anti-bullying policy vs. borrowing-copying

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

Now that more employers are learning about workplace bullying from the high visibility NFL case and more awareness in general, some are moving toward adopting policies. At WBI we take the news with a grain of skepticism.

We have been writing specific anti-bullying policies for organizations since 1998. Our process is to facilitate the Policy Writing Group composed of staff representing the various professions and ranks in the organization. The process produces policies and procedures. Equally important are the values of group members that surface when asking key questions enroute to finalizing provisions of the policy and procedures. For example, “How strongly committed eradicating bullying can we afford to declare?” “How many confirmed violations by offenders must be allowed before termination?” “How do we restore victims ‘wholeness’ and regain trust of coworker witnesses?”

The majority of C-suite dwellers believe workplace bullying is a “serious problem,” but, in turn, they prefer to let HR handle complaints, are rarely involved, and don’t believe it happens in their workplaces. Thus, bullying, to executives is a lower-level, HR-level issue. This is a false assumption.



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