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Biz school study critiqued: Targets of workplace bullying told to be “nice”

Monday, July 8th, 2013

A study recently published drew much attention with headlines such as: Ugly and Nasty People Are Bullied At Work.

Here we go again. More blaming the victim from business school researchers. This time, it was Brent Scott from Michigan State and Timothy Judge from Notre Dame. In their conclusion, they said that their findings could be used by managers to know who was mistreated in their work groups so they, the managers, could help. Wow. As if managers who hear about bullying among coworkers respond with anything but “work it out between yourselves.” These researchers are out of touch with the reality of workplace bullying.

For us at WBI, the larger problem is that the study was not about workplace bullying at all. The term was not mentioned once in the entire article. It was the press relations office at Michigan State that synopsized the study as one involving workers bullied at work. Funny how critics of bullying are willing to tag along when they consider our topic a “hot” one.

Here is my detailed review of the pair of studies done by Scott and Judge. The negative conduct referred to in the article was actually “Counterproductive Work Behavior” (CWB) defined as “behavior intended to hurt the organization or other members of the organization.”

In reality, the accurate headline should have been.

Statistical Equation Suggests Agreeableness
inversely Correlated with Counterproductive Work Behaviors
When Attractiveness is Limited to Older Workers

Just doesn’t sizzle, does it?



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Research: Antisocial people have higher stroke risk

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Disagreeableness or antagonism as a personality trait certainly seems to part of most bullies’ personalities. New research (published August 16, 2010 in Hypertension) links the trait with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) for both genders, but more pronounced in women. Antagonistic people have a higher risk of stroke. The finding strengthens the case that evidence exists that psychosocial factors impact health as much as physical factors do.


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