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Open Door Policy: How’s that working for you?

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

Management tells non-supervisory workers (underlings, subordinates) that direct, honest communication with your boss is possible, as if both are equals. It’s called an “Open Door Policy.” Sounds great, but rarely practiced. Just another disingenuous biz buzz phrase that rings hollow. Here’s an example of the words:

At Cablevision we maintain a true culture of family and teamwork based on mutual respect. We foster an environment of camaraderie, equality, cooperation, dedication, and recognition. We believe in the importance of supporting our employees by providing excellent career-development opportunities, tuition assistance, valuable training, and maintaining an open door policy.

An “Open Door” is offered as an excuse to convince workers there is no need to bring in a union for representation. Target, the retailer, uses the ploy. Watch the video to see for yourself.

But workers and managers are not equals. Here’s an example of what actually happened when workers try to use such a policy. 23 Cablevision (see its policy above) Brooklyn, NY union workers were fired on Jan. 30.


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NLRB invalidated by Federal Court: Obama appointments “unconstitutional”

Friday, January 25th, 2013

Steven Greenhouse, New York Times Labor Reporter, writes that a 3-judge panel from the US court of appeals for the DC circuit just ruled unconstitutional President Obama’s Jan. 2012 recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). A full year of NLRB decisions, including some that restored balance to the employer-employee relationship, will be invalidated.

Only one NLRB member, Mark Pearce, will be left standing and the agency cannot rule without at least 3 members. Therefore, there will be no NLRB — it’s the employers’ dream. Sharon Block and Richard Griffin will be cut.


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Hyatt Andaz treats housekeepers like dogs

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

According to its website: “Andaz West Hollywood is more than a hip boutique hotel in Los Angeles. It’s a lifestyle. Meaning “personal style” in Hindi, Andaz West Hollywood adds the latest style, service, and high-touch innovation to your West Hollywood hotel experience.”

The Hyatt’s latest innovation seems to be tethering their housekeepers, members of UNITE HERE Local 11, using two high tech innovations — iPod Touch and REX software. REX stands for Room Expeditor, a product sold by M-Tech to the hotel industry. Its logo (you decide if it’s clever or downright insulting) is the little doggie ready to “go fetch” on the master’s command pictured here.


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Hospital unlawfully fired nurse who complained of bullying

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

In December 2009 CEO Ryan Smith of Central Peninsula Hospital in Soldotna Alaska brought us in to implement our comprehensive program to prevent and correct workplace bullying. One year prior, there had been an on-site gunslinging event that claimed two lives, the shooter, fired employee Joseph Marchetti, and one of his victims. Others were paralyzed and wounded.

Trouble had been brewing beforehand. There is nearly always a story behind the headline-grabbing “shooter as mental nut” cover story (the theme of the documentary Murder By Proxy). A VP of the nurses union, Ray Southwell, had briefed his fellow union members and the CPH Board that “the environment is ripe for another shooting.” He spoke regularly of bullying of nurses. Smith hated Southwell. Eventually, Smith, who had been brought in to “clean up” certain departments fired Southwell.


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NLRB ticks off HR with new restrictions on investigation secrecy

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

For decades, the NLRB has been under republican control and served employers’ needs to look the other way as union organizers are indiscriminately fired for doing what should be protected by law. On Jan. 9, 2012, President Obama made a recess appointment of Richard Griffin, a long-time union attorney, to the Board. Griffin joined Sharon Block, winner of the JFK Labor Law Award, and Chairman Mark Pearce whose prior legal experience was with labor. In May, disgraced republican member Terence Flynn resigned after two Inspector General reports concluded that he had leaked information about NLRB deliberations prior to decisions to Mitt Romney’s adviser. There are now 3 democrats and one republican, Brian Hayes, on the Board.

Now come two recent decisions that make employers and HR livid.


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Firing for Facebook posting challenged

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Wanna complain about your boss online? If you do it via FB, you might get fired. On Jan. 25, 2011 at the National Relations Labor Board (NLRB) an administrative law judge will hear the case of Dawnmarie Souza fired from American Medical Response, Hartford, CT. Ms. Souza, a Teamsters member, was denied union representation by her supervisor for a meeting. She wrote on her personal FB page from home about the supervisor. She was fired. She may have free speech rights that the employer denied. The case tests a worker’s right, union or not, to express opinions about work conditions or unionization without reprisal from employers. Let’s all watch closely to see if the current NLRB rules for the corporation or for the worker.

Read the NY Times story by Steven Greenhouse, one of few labor reporters left in the country.

Read colleague law professor David Yamada’s interpretation of the case and implications for bullied workers.

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