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Workplace bullying drives Annette Prada, NM gov’t worker, to suicide

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

If exposed long enough to severe workplace bullying, two outcomes become likely. First, the target’s health is jeopardized. Second, unremitting stress can cause loss of the ability to discern and make choices to get oneself to safety due to physiological changes in the brain. The second outcome can lead to suicide. One WBI 2012 study found that 29% of bullied targets considered suicide; 16% actually had a plan to execute.

Annette Prada worked 23 years for a New Mexico state agency, the Public Regulation Commission (PRC) in the Corporations bureau. Her daughter told The New Mexican reporter Staci Matlock that her mother had been dealing with “bullying and stress there for years.” Andre Prada claimed the abuse was verbal, in e-mails and in the form of demotions.

Annette’s daughter repeated the phrase we too often hear here at WBI, that her mother was “only two years away from retirement. She tried to stay strong.” The family confirmed that Annette also had health problems.

Annette disappeared on Thursday Nov. 29. Police told her family that she was found dead.



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