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Logue’s lament: Workplace bullying all too common

Monday, May 5th, 2014

Just discovered this gem written by a Tennessee newspaper columnist expressing a bullied target’s lament very well. Enjoy.

Workplace Bullying Unfortunately All Too Common
By Gina Logue, The Mufreesboro (TN) Post, March 16, 2014

It has become a truism of this recession that workers who are stuck in jobs where they are not paid enough, mistreated, overworked or just plain bored have few options in today’s tight job market.

If people have had it up to their chins with all the crap dished out on them at work, they might be in a financial position to retire earlier or live in a house with only one working spouse if Obamacare can handle their health insurance needs.

They might even be in a position to find a better job, or, at least, to take more time trying to find one.

The psychological tension brought on by the recession apparently has taken its toll on the American worker in a more subtle way, as well.



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