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How do we excuse this cruelty? A nurse’s story

Saturday, December 12th, 2015

I’ve pulled a comment posted to the suicide research post. It shows how quickly life can spiral down for an otherwise competent nurse. Some many to blame, including her family.

In her own words …

I’m an RN, I resigned unwillingly Sept.18 from the Veterans Affair. Its difficult for me to determine if I was experiencing bullying, harassment and or discrimination but the end result an attempt to end my life July, 30th, 2015, spending 12 days in the hospital.

I was diagnosed with PTSD and medicated for nightmares while hospitalized. I’m or I was a well functioning Bipolar II. I endured (from a newly arrived nurse manager, moreover the was not my manager) bullying/harassment for 14 months,mid Jan 2014-Mar 2015 and on March 26th 2015 – June 17th she and another official came at me with a vengeance. On June 16th 2015, around 4:30 pm after entering human resources and reading false accusations, a co-worker’s description of me and a sticky on top of the charges “AL, can we ask for fitness of duty, reprimand or suspension” (I had no write-ups prior to these false charges) I started crying, I was devastated, shocked.

I have no memory of leaving the HR office, driving into work the next morning, my next memory was approx. 12:45-2:30 pm my work schedule 8-8pm. Instead of management or co-workers looking for me or being concerned, they accused me for patient abandonment from 12n-2pm and escorted me off the unit.

On July 20th after reading the fact findings of the charges against me, I called my EAP counselor, because I knew she could clear my name. I whaled as I heard her tell me, “xxxx, you called at 11am. again at 12n.” There are no words to describe what I was feeling, I paced, cried, cried, could not eat, sleep and on the July 30th, I gave up. The pain, fear, was unbearable.

On the day of discharge from the hospital, I was in group and my counselor states “Well xxxx, you’ve got some family issues to work on.” I had no idea what he was talking about. The counselor said my brother had called asking them to block my mom’s number and to stop allowing me to use the phone (day 4 of admit), my brother accused me of verbal abuse on my mom!!!! I do not remember doing this, my nurse then informs me, on the day if my discharge, says, after 5 days of admission I ask the nurse “how can you give me medication if you don’t know me.” The nurse acknowledged my concerns of memory loss.

I can’t believe or comprehend these unfathomable events, I’m lost. How can this all be happening. I suffered/suffer fear, anxiety, terror, pain, uselessness, worthlessness, impending doom, shame and guilt!!!!!!. My livelihood was taken from me.

I’m in the first stage of foreclose of my home, I can’t find a job due to, no reference, attempting suicide. I live in severe fear so much so, I tie ropes from one door handle to the other so no one can come through the other bedrooms , I then wind the rope around my bed post as a brace to each bathroom doors, finally I tie off the double doors to my bedroom. I literally have to go under the rope to get in bed.

HOW IN GOD’S NAME CAN ONE WOMAN HAVE THIS MUCH POWER. This woman was able to turn my co-workers of 8 years from me, I was shunned daily, I don’t know what this woman said to the other official because she and I were friends prior to March 26th 2015 but she came at me with such rage. My life I had and who I was, has disappeared. I’m numb, I live in disbelief and there are times I want to give up, there are times

I’m afraid I may hurt myself, but do it right this time, my heart is broken, I’m broken. I can’t be treated for the PTSD, no insurance. HOW CAN THIS BE HAPPENING, I DON’T UNDERSTAND?!!!

While in the hospital my sister came into my house and took what she wanted and made a huge mess and drove my car wherever she wanted, I’ve sold everything in my house except my bedroom and tv, my brother stole $500, After being released from the hospital Aug.12, my brother has come to see me twice, my dad has not called nor come to see me. I’ve left my house only twice. I’VE BEEN TREATED LIKE TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Let’s Talk with Kalola: Nurse Reports Being Bullied and Sexually Harassed

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

Dear Kalola,

I am presently employed as a Registered Nurse in a large acute care hospital for two years. I have always had a good evaluation on paper, yet my co-workers and managers are constantly trying to demean me by making derogatory remarks regarding my work and private life. One of my managers stated that a patient complained that I did not treat him professionally, and then stated that she, the manager had heard this about me before. When I asked her to be more specific, she could not present me with any real facts regarding her statement and was just trying to intimidate me. I have also been touched inappropriately by staff without my permission after I had explained that I suffered from PTSD from a previous physical attack in the past and did not like to be touched. When my manager found out about my condition, she purposefully made it a point to touch me giving me a knowing look that this was the reason that she did this. It was intended to be cruel and abusive. One of my co-workers made sexual gestures to me without touching me but another one did touch me in my private areas. In this facility, nothing is kept confidential by the staff whether they are collegues or management and If you say anything to defend yourself, you will be under attack and it only makes it worse. I have been accused of things that were untrue, like substance abuse, which can be very detrimental to my employment, never mind the fact that I have been accused of affairs in the work place and out of the workplace, which is entirely untrue. I go for random drug tests and they have always been negative. I believe that someone outside my workplace has made accusations about me, but when I ask if I had a negative reference, they always say no. The remarks that are made to me are slanderous and I will take it to another level if I have to. I honestly don’t know what to do and would like some advice. I would like to find other employment, but I cannot take less pay, so there is a lot at stake.



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Trib Total Media: Nurse-to-nurse bullying more than just a sore point

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

By Deborah Weisberg

Registered nurse Renee Thompson of South Park will never forget the moment that almost ended her career, but ultimately inspired her to tackle what she calls an unspoken epidemic: nurse-to-nurse bullying.

“When I was just starting out, a supervisor who was always yelling at me called me an idiot in front of a physician I really respected because I could not get a copy machine to work,” Thompson says. “I was on the verge of tears when the doctor took me aside, and said, ‘My dear, why would you ever let anyone less capable and intelligent talk to you in this way?’

“If he hadn’t said that, I might have quit, but he changed my whole attitude.”

Thompson confronted the supervisor about the demeaning behavior, and began to pay more attention to similar incidents among colleagues.

As she moved from bedside to administrative nursing, she realized how prevalent bullying is, Thompson says. “When I’d meet with new nurses, all they wanted to talk about was how poorly they were being treated by other nurses. It reminded me of my own experience and put me on a path of wanting to impact the problem.”



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