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Workplace bullying without consequences is not bullying

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

WBI introduced the British term “Workplace Bullying” to the U.S. back in 1997. We sometimes cringe when we see the bullying or bully terms tossed around glibly when people really mean to say “mean.” Bullying is so much more.

WBI defines workplace bullying as repeated, health-harming mistreatment of one or more persons (the targets) by one or more perpetrators that takes one or more of the following forms:


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Paid Sick Leave : Healthy Families Act (Federal)

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

On June 11 in the Workforce Protections Subcommittee of the House Committee on Education and Labor, a hearing will be held for House version of the paid sick leave bill called the Healthy Families Act [In the House, it is HR 2460 (Rep. Rosa DeLauro, CT) and in the Senate it is S 1152 (Sen. Edward Kennedy (MA)]. The modest bill would guarantee 7 paid sick days per year for workers at businesses with 15 or more employees, to be used to recover from routine illness, care for a sick family member, or seek services to recover from domestic violence.

The folks at want you to sign their petition alerting your U.S. Rep and Senators to support the respective bills. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce will certainly fight this pro-employee health bill. They will claim it interferes with employers’ ability to “compete.”

Read the related report exposing America’s dismal denial of paid sick leave.

Stay tuned.


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Shiftwork Destroys Employee Health

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

A marvelous article by Andrew Watterson in the summer 2009 UK Hazards Magazine reviews some of the newest occupational health research regarding the impact of working night and graveyard shifts (and rotating with dayturn) on employee health. There are increased risks of cancer, cardiovascular disease, accidents, pregnancy problems, clinical depression and divorce. The article describes some of the biology involved.

This British article criticizes their government agency HSE. Know that the U.S. OSHA is even less protective of workers.

How realistic are limits when employers want to offer 24/7 operating hours? Nurses are especially vulnerable because patient care requires 24/7 coverage.

No summary can do justice to this detailed article. Read it in its entirety @ Hazards Magazine..


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