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WBI Podcast 35: Ideal attributes of advocates against workplace bullying

Friday, September 6th, 2013

What type of individuals make the best advocates for an abuse-free organization where workplace bullying cannot flourish? Not bureaucrats, certainly not bullies, and darn few HR types. Over time, people prove themselves, with actions not words, the most likely allies to the cause. So, when your organization says it wants to tackle workplace bullying and forms a team, a task force, a committee, watch who is designated to serve. The chances of success depend almost entirely on the people in that group.

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Advice for Organizations Tackling Workplace Bullying

Monday, August 5th, 2013

As more American organizations dip their toes into the Workplace Bullying prevention and correction pool, there will be lots of people involved in launching anti-bullying initiatives. Some will be former or current bullied targets; some will have no experience with bullying.

Direct experience with bullying is not a requisite to help the organization, but a desire to help abused workers is required. Without compassion for those hurt by undeserved, uninvited assaults in the workplace, projects can go awry. There must be a moral center in each person driving the initiative.

Curing the problem of bullying is not simply a bureaucratic exercise. There is not yet a law demanding compliance. Organizational systemic solutions must be driven by the desire to restore justice to people long denied. It’s a civil rights movement internal to the organization.

It is different from strategies for increased productivity or efficiency. Cold-hearted people can lead that kind of change. Bullying is different.

To address bullying you need certain types of individuals leading the change process. Based on our years of experience, here is the personality trait-attribute list of ideal candidates for your team or task force leading the anti-bullying movement. No one person exhibits them all, but strive to include only individuals who possess most of the attributes.

• empathy for those hurt by bullying
• reputation for fairness & integrity
• one who is sought out to informally & naturally resolve conflicts
• good listening skills
• patience
• non-controlling or intimidating or dominating
• an advocate for employee health & well-being
• a person not afraid to confront injustice & wrongdoers
• open to learning new things rather than defending status quo
• capable of being organized & detail-oriented
• known for kindness not cruelty

It is imperative to not admit bullies, bully apologists (those who make excuses for them) or aggressive people. They will sabotage the plans over time.

They do not understand targets, do not have empathy for their plight, and will be reluctant to create innovative remedies for the problem outside of traditional “progressive discipline.”

Good luck.


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