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Dept of Redundancy Dept Alert

Monday, February 18th, 2013

Employers, with nothing better to do, scour the web for workers’ negative comments about them and fire those workers. The NLRB ruled in 2013 that those comments are protected speech. However, the NLRB itself has been nullified along with that pro-worker ruling. You are not protected!

Which brings me to the point that seems unnecessary for internet users (and you are one of them if you are reading this):

WARNING: Whatever you write in a comment to our blog, or petition signing page is likely to migrate also to Facebook. Our blog postings are copied on FB. If you comment there, it’s on FB, not our website. FB is linked to millions of sites. Some links are known, most are automatic. So, think before you write. Write as if the whole world, including coworkers and your employer, will see it.

If you ever want to send WBI a private message, the ONLY way is through our website and the e-mail form found here.

Be careful for your career’s sake.


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