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Dallas area bullied targets wanted

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017


Answer the following questions.

1. Do you live in the DFW metroplex? (Yes Required)

2. Were you bullied at work? (Yes Required) See the WBI definition.

3. Are you now out of that workplace? Only thinking of your safety! (Yes Recommended)

4. Have at least 2 months passed since the end of the incidents? (Yes Recommended)

5. Have you practiced telling your story frequently enough that you can explain from beginning to end in under 2 minutes without falling into a ball, crying uncontrollably? (Yes Required)

6. Are you willing to tell your story on TV and have it posted on YouTube forever? (Yes Required)

If you answered YES to questions 1, 2, 5 & 6, complete the form below and a TV producer will contact you to discuss the possibility.

Thank you, brave targets. Only through sharing your lived experiences can doubters come to realize why employers must do something and lawmakers need to enact the Healthy Workplace Bill into state law.

Dallas Texas Bullied Target

* indicates required field


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The problem with workplace bullying is not its definitions, let’s take it more seriously

Sunday, January 26th, 2014

Just recently the CDC established conditions for a universal definition of youth bullying in schools. Newcomers to the adult Workplace Bullying movement clamor for a uniform, common definition. But back in 1997, when we were beginning, there was a very active listserv among the international academic community striving to find commonalities. They finally agreed to not force a common definition.

Workplace bullying, as a documented research phenomenon, is not new. It is quite “mature,” contrary to what newbies may believe. For example, here are the properties that all operational definitions share:

• the loathsome conduct is negative or offensive to a rational person
• it is aimed at one or more individuals, personalizing the assaults
• perpetrators act either alone or in concert with others (mob)
• perpetrators attack from any and all levels in organizations — top-down, horizontal (peers), and from subordinate positions
• when perpetrators outrank their targets, it is an abuse of authority
• regardless of perpetrator rank, there exists a power differential, real (titular) or perceived (in the mind of the perpetrator)
• acts of omission (withholding) are included with acts of commission
• deliberateness and intentionality are less important than the fact the mistreatment happened
• tactics may be overt or covert, most likely subtle and behind closed doors
• though there is a singling out of certain targets, bullying transcends status-based (illegal) discrimination, ignoring gender, race, age, etc.
• repetitive, a chronic pattern, not single-shot emotional explosions
• unwanted, uninvited, unprovoked by targets
• harmful to targets — health (from distress), psychological integrity, self-esteem
• harmful, or at least disruptive, to witnesses and coworkers
• bullying toxifies a productive work environment, undermines work itself
• employers bear the responsibility to prevent and correct

Thus, there is a great deal of conformity across various definitions. There are huge public education goals facing the movement in 2014.



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