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WBI Survey: How Bullies Select Their Targets

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

WBI 2012-I Instant Poll

Individuals who are bullied ask themselves, “why me?.” They worry that some personal shortcoming is the reason. This self-defeating logic focuses responsibllity inward. The truth is that no one wakes on a work day with a plan to invite humiliation and torment, nor does anyone deserve it. Some academic researchers (e.g., Tepper) adopt “victim precipitation,” an ideology borrowed from criminology that has been thoroughly discredited. It leads to blaming victims/targets. Bullies may rationalize their actions with “the target made me do it,” but anecdotal evidence from targets and witnesses refute this notion.

This ninth 2012 online survey of 655 respondents was intended to replicate original WBI 2003 findings exploring, from the targets’ perspective, why they were targeted.



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Workplace Bullying Institute Study: Why Workplace Bullying Happens

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

The results are in for the first online 2012 WBI Instant Poll, a single-question survey relying upon a self-selected sample of 658 individuals with experience being bullied at work. The question asked was: Why does bullying in the workplace happen? Respondents were free to choose up to 4 of the 12 listed causes or reasons. A total of 2,384 votes were recorded and analyzed. Here are the results.



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