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Let’s Talk with Kalola: Restaurant Worker

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Dear Kalola,

From the very beginning it was made known to me that I was not liked simply because I am Cuban. I was insulted on a daily basis, yelled at and sent home if I attempted to defend myself.

The final straw came when my son’s father came to the job asking for me in order to get insurance cards and perhaps go to the hospital as our 12 year old son had gotten hurt while rough housing. Not only was I not told that he had even been there, the general manager denied that he ever said that, that he was just there to pick me up. I was told that I had a bad attitude and was promptly fired. I was a mother that was rightfully furious at how the whole situation was handled.

I had made several attempts to speak to management about the abuse, even asked for an HR department and or to speak to the owner was told he didn’t wish to be bothered. This company promotes racism and fear in the work place.  At the back of house is where you will find all the minorities and in the front of the house are where you will find the pretty white waitresses.



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