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When shootings have workplace connections

Friday, August 24th, 2012


Here we go again America – another gun killing. This time, the shooter, Jeffrey Johnson, targeted a specific individual, Steve Ercolino. He gunned him down outside the Empire State Building. Johnson was let go one year ago from Hazan Imports, a small firm that designs handbags, where Ercolino was VP of sales.

After Johnson shot Ercolino twice, he left the scene and was followed by construction workers. When the police reached Johnson, he pulled his gun and the police killed him.

This might be an incident in which the shooter was a former bullied target. In a 2012 WBI survey, 41% of bullied targets reported that they “understand how a person could be driven to hurting or killing those who had bullied them.” Most shootings don’t involve bullying or bullied targets. Here’s the basis for my speculation.



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Workplace Murderer: Target or Bully?

Monday, February 15th, 2010

The Feb. 12 Univ of Alabama-Huntsville campus shooting  appears less likely to be the story of a revengeful target of mistreatment than it first appeared.  Revelations keep coming about the history of aggression by the shooter, Amy Bishop Anderson.



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