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Workplace Bullying on Fox News — Andrea Tantaros Shines

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

The Five, Fox News Channel, March 5, 2013 hosted by Dana Perino

A panel making insipid such as comments such as “if you are being bullied, you have a JOB!.” However, this is an important TV segment. Four of the five probably represent the American public very well, complaining that bullying can’t be defined, begrudingly knowing that harm can happen, but ultimately defending it as inevitable (or necessary). This is why opposition to stopping bullying at work is strong and widespread. Media fuel the opposition. Watch and learn.

One panelist, Andrea Tantaros, made the most serious comments, showing an understanding that workplace bullying is harmful and that employer actions mean nothing until there is a law (they are discussing the Healthy Workplace Bill). She sits on the far left.



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