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WBI Affiliate featured in The Globe and Mail

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

Here is a special piece featuring a graduate of Workplace Bullying University. Take a look.

Our team’s golden boy gets a free pass for bad behaviour

Special to the Globe and Mail


I work at a fairly small company, and I get along fairly well with most of my colleagues – with one notable exception.

One of my team members is an extremely talented individual, but he’s impossible to work with. He frequently makes inappropriate and insulting jokes about co-workers, and some of his work contains subtle digs at members of our team.

Whenever I gently try to tell him that his comments aren’t appreciated, he sarcastically thanks me for my contribution as a “junior employee,” and suggests it’s not my place to take issue with his behaviour. However, our manager seems hesitant to discipline him because he’s seen as irreplaceable. Whenever I raise an issue about his behaviour, our manager says he’ll talk to my co-worker, but nothing ever changes.



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Beware the office bully, she’s baring her claws

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Sarah Boesveld, Globe and Mail, Sunday, May 17, 2009

She threw scissors across the room and barked at Cheryl to pick them up. She framed the young nurse for an egregious medical error involving a patient in their maternity ward. For an entire year – Cheryl’s first out of school – she verbally abused her in front of patients, who themselves feared this woman’s wrath.



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