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New YouTube Videos Posted

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

We’ve uploaded four new videos on YouTube.

Check out Dr. Gary Namie in a variety of media appearances on the Workplace Bullying Institute’s YouTube Channel

Our YouTube videos provide education on the phenomenon of Workplace Bullying, guidance for targets of bullying, and suggestions for employers to create safe, healthy working environments.


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Gary Namie TV Appearances Montage

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009


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Video: Women Bullies, Women Targets – GMA

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

By Anna Wild and Jonann Brady, ABC-TV Good Morning America,
February 24, 2009

Joan Frye, featured in the clip below, is the Tennessee State Coordinator for the WBI-Legislative Campaign.

The bullying magazine executive played by Meryl Streep in the film “The Devil Wears Prada” is played for laughs, but women bullying other female employees in the real world is no laughing matter.

Joan Frye, who worked in a hospital in Nashville, Tenn., said she endured nearly two years of bullying at the hands of her female boss, which led her to a mental breakdown and a long court battle.

Just four months into her job, Frye, 62, said she knew there was going to be trouble with her boss.

“She had me come into her office for my 90-day review, and she started, ‘We don’t click. … What are you going to do about it?’ Not what are we going to do, but what are you going to do about it,” Frye said. “I knew then that we were going to have a serious problem.”

Frye said her boss undermined her in front of employees, isolated her from senior management, gave her impossible deadlines and humiliated her. She dreaded going to work.

“One day she would be nice, and the next day she would attack,” Frye said. “She would glare at me. She would make noise like ‘haaa’ if I was talking to somebody. She would walk between us and turn her back on me.”

After she complained to human resources and senior management, she said, she was transferred to another department. After six months in her new position, Frye said the problems with her previous boss led to a mental breakdown, forcing her to take a medical leave of absence.

Frye filed a lawsuit against the company. Four years later, after exhausting her savings, the case was dismissed. The court did, however, describe her old boss as “an equal opportunity oppressor,” calling her management style “abrasive” and declaring that the difficult relationship contributed to “disabling problems” for Frye.



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The Sioux City Schools Project

Monday, February 9th, 2009

NOTE: The original video is no longer available on  A transcript has been provided.

KCAU-TV Sioux City, Iowa Feb. 9, 2009

When a student is bullied they probably go to a teacher for help, but bullying isn’t just a kids game.

So where do adults go when they’re bullied at work?

Bullies aren’t just an issue in the school yard anymore.

Many adults can feel pushed around in the workplace as well.

That’s why the Sioux City School Board is suggesting a pro-active approach to deal with the problem.

Embarrassment, demeaning, and degrading co workers are all signs of bullying at the workplace, and that behavior may not be much different from middle schoolers.

“Part of being a middle schooler is making good choices, and sometimes middle school kids don’t make good choices about teasing, about making fun, about leaving kids out”, says West Middle School Principal Cindy Washinowski.

Anti-bullying programs are already in effect in Woodbury County Schools, but tonight school board members will discuss an anti- bullying policy for adults in the education workplace.

Those issues, include what are bullying behaviors, how to enforce them, and where to provide assistance.

Teachers say it’s an important step, because their students are learning from them.

“Having this discussion with adult to adult, understanding what bullying is, and what it looks like. We believe and the school district believes that it’ll have a major impact on the school climate, and really will trickle down to how the kids interact with each other”, says Education Consultant for the Waitt Family Foundation Alan Heisterkamp.

The first discussion for the policy is tonight.

Heisterkamp says putting in a policy like this, will help set good examples, and make work a positive place to be.

Experts suggest you report the issue if you feel like you’re being bullied, and give examples of how it’s affecting your work, and the good of the company.


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Video: WBI on Seattle TV

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

Segment on Workplace Bullying with the Drs. Namie originally ran Nov. 1, 2007


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