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Unions taking care of their own members: An obvious solution to workplace bullying

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

I just returned from an invigorating, stimulating and inspirational meeting in San Francisco staged by the Stop Workplace Bullying Group. [Every meeting I attend is about workplace bullying, nothing else.] And in the ILWU Local 34 union hall on Sat. July 27, community leaders and unionists gathered to share tales of whistleblowing and bullying and to plan future action.

Three major union-related themes emerged

1. Unions fail when leaders are themselves bullies and turn a deaf ear to the plight of abused members who turn to the union for help. Sadly, this is often the case. Why? One explanation is that in order to be popular enough within membership, one has to show toughness to fight for contract provisions (see what the largest union of California state employees was able to negotiate in 2013 for its members), and in daily encounters with management. Thus, the profile of an ideal local president fits closely with the characteristics of a bully. There may be a selection factor.

An alternative explanation is that many contemporary union leaders want to get along with management, to “partner,” to make concessions to appear cooperative. This tactic compromises the function of the union — to speak a collective voice to balance management’s desire to own all aspects the production process. Members see this type of leader as a sellout.

The SF meeting attendees declared that, regardless of the reason for union leaders not supporting members, leaders who stand in the way of eradicating workplace bullying should be removed from office!



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Chancellor’s Leadership of Campus Anti-Workplace Bullying Campaign

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

Here at WBI, we have long contended that organizations need their highest ranking leaders to genuinely want to stop workplace bullying. Lip service from the top might be adequate to get an initiative started by the internal champions and advocates, but the risk is that the executive reserves the right for him or herself to stop the program without warning or justification. Unfortunately, most executives squash attempts by earnest champions at the start.

Here’s a rare good news tale from the University of Massachusetts. These are the words of the Chancellor writing to all campus staff with my comments in burgundy.

Shortly after my arrival on campus last year, I learned of the disturbing results of a survey about workplace bullying that had been administered to all faculty and staff members. While the numbers were consistent with those found at workplaces of all types throughout the country, this is clearly an area in which UMass Amherst aspires to be something much better than average.



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AP: Growing Push to Halt Workplace Bullying

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Growing Push to Halt Workplace Bullying
by Sam Hananel, Associated Press, March 1, 2013

Margaret Fiester is no shrinking violet, but she says working for her former boss was a nightmare.

“One day I didn’t do something right and she actually laid her hands on me and got up in my face and started yelling, ‘Why did you do that?'” said Fiester, who worked as a legal assistant for an attorney.

Fiester doesn’t have to worry about those tirades anymore, but she hears lots of similar stories in her current role as operations manager at the Society for Human Resource Management, where she often fields questions about the growing issue of workplace bullying.

On-the-job bullying can take many forms, from a supervisor’s verbal abuse and threats to cruel comments or relentless teasing by a co-worker. And it could become the next major battleground in employment law as a growing number of states consider legislation that would let workers sue for harassment that causes physical or emotional harm.

“I believe this is the new claim that employers will deal with. This will replace sexual harassment,” said Sharon Parella, a management-side employment lawyer in New York. “People who oppose it say these laws will force people to be polite at work. But you can no longer go to work and act like a beast and get away with it.”



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WBI Workplace Bullying Research — List of 33 studies by topic

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

The Topics Investigated by WBI
Workplace Bullying Research

WBI’s research complements the books, websites designed to help afflicted targets and their families, individualized support we give targets and Workplace Bullying University® for which research — ours and hundreds of others — is the foundation.

Below is the WBI set of 33 studies, arranged by topic, exploring most aspects of the workplace bullying phenomenon primarily from the perspectives of targeted individuals, conducted since the year 2000.

Use links to access all study synopses & downloadable reports.



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For Bullied Targets, Unions Necessary or Not?

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

According to 223 visitors to the Workplace Bullying Institute site over the 2012 Labor Day holiday period, 76% of respondents to our Instant Poll question considered unions necessary. In nearly equal numbers, 72% believed that unions need to change, to adapt to either do a better job stopping bullying or to reinvent themselves to better unify workers.



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The Ventura County (CA) Workplace Bullying Story

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

The Ventura County Workplace Bullying Story

updated Oct. 27, 2010

Follow the story of a worker-driven push for change of a government workplace culture to drive out bullying. No ending yet. We support the unions whose workers deserve to be free from abusive conduct and retaliation. And we support the County administration that has the opportunity to turn a PR disaster into triumph and do the right thing.



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