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Morrissey Family sues University of Virginia for 2010 Suicide

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Douglas Morrissey, Administrator to the estate of Kevin Morrissey (his brother) has filed a legal complaint in Henrico County Court against the University of Virginia, Ted Genoways (Kevin’s boss), John Casteen III (the then UVa President), and UVa HR employees (Angelee Godbold & Alan S. Cohn). The suit claims that defendants drove Kevin Morrissey to commit suicide on July 30, 2010.

The charges listed in the July 25 filing are intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence and gross negligence. The plaintiff seeks $10 million in damages and $350,000 for punitive damages.

The background for this lawsuit is best reported by Dave McNair writing for The Hook in Charlottesville, Virginia, home of the University of Virginia.

VQR managing editor takes his own life

Tale of Woe: The death of the VQR’s Kevin Morrissey

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Closing Chapter: VQR editor resigns, Waldo celebrates

Tale of Woe II: Deceased VQR editor’s family files $10 million lawsuit


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UVa Report after Morrissey suicide – No negatives for boss Genoways

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Kevin Morrissey’s July 30 suicide near the campus of the University of Virginia where he worked set off a national uproar. His surviving sister, Maria, who had contacted WBI, called the boss Ted Genoways a bully who had tormented her brother for 3 years. Here at WBI, we didn’t care about branding Genoways and never did. Instead, we believed the employer was negligent in light of their failure to respond to numerous informal complaints Morrissey and others had made to various institutional offices including the President’s office and HR. Apologists rushed to Genoways defense. The internal audit (investigation?) report was filed on Oct. 20. Let’s take a look inside and decipher hidden  meanings.



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Journalism ethics professor trivializes Univ of Virginia story

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Ed Wasserman was a reporter and is now a professor of journalism ethics at Washington & Lee University. He opined in his Aug. 29 newspaper column on the media about the Kevin Morrissey suicide story at the University of Virginia that would not have been a story without the “tilt of coverage toward this hot new social malady” (thanks for the back-handed compliment about awareness about workplace bullying).



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Morrissey suicide story on Today Show

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

On Monday Aug. 23, the NBC-TV Today Show aired an interview with Maria Morrissey, sister of Kevin Morrissey who committed suicide on July 30 in Charlottesville, VA in connection with his job at the Virginia Quarterly Review on the campus of the University of Virginia. Also interviewed was Morrissey’s co-worker, Waldo Jaquith. For the most details about the story, read The Hook article.


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More on Morrissey, UVa employee suicide

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Virginia Public Radio reporter Sandy Hausman interviewed Maria Morrissey, sister of suicide victim Kevin Morrissey, Dr. Gary Namie – WBI Director, and Ted Genoways attorney Snook for Aug. 23, 2010 report.

Listen to the audio report.

Read this Aug. 23 article: “The Rise and Fall of Ted Genoways” by the editor of ZYZZYVASPEAKS, a journal of West Coast writers & authors


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Kevin Morrissey suicide update

Friday, August 20th, 2010

The most detailed account of events at the University of Virginia that led up to Kevin Morrissey’s suicide can be found in the Charlottesville newspaper, The Hook:

Tale of Woe: The death of Kevin Morrissey by Dave McNair, August 18, 2010

Take time to read the several comments, including mine.


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University suicide points to nonreponsive employer

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

Ted Genoways, VQR editor accused of bullying by suicide victim

At universities, people tend to think of teaching and research faculty and staff as the only employees. At the University of Virginia, the president supports a literary journal, the Virginia Quarterly Review, prestigious to poets and fiction writers. Kevin Morrissey, 52, the VQR managing editor had been hired by a young Ted Genoways, 38, new himself to the editor post in 2003.

On July 30, Kevin Morrissey committed suicide after a reported three years of torment by Genoways despite the two having a genuine friendship at the start of their work together.

There was a record of several calls by Morrissey to university institutional helpers (HR, ombuds, EAP, president’s office). Either his call for help was not answered or treated with indifference. Those familiar with Morrissey’s complaints said that the rationalization for Genoways was that creative people like him could be difficult to work with and were often bad managers! In other words, live with him, adjust to him, Genoways is indispensable. Note the abdication of responsibility by this employer for the safe working conditions of its employees.



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