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WalMart workers strike nationwide to alert the maddening shopping crowd

Friday, November 29th, 2013

Wake up America


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Wal-Mart fires good samaritan employee on probation

Friday, October 18th, 2013

From Hartland, Michigan (pop. 14,000+) comes the story of another stupid management decision by Wal-Mart. Remember when Wal-Mart was guilty of locking in their overnight staff who stock the shelves? Well, it seems, they can take breaks outside. Around 2:30 am, probationary employee and stocker, Kristopher Oswald, took his break in his car. In the Wal-Mart parking lot, he heard a woman scream. She was in her car and a man was draped on her hood.

Oswald, being the small-town good guy we romanticize about in America (good old fashioned values, etc.), fearlessly approached the man who turned on him, threatening to “kill him.” Two other guys jumped Oswald. Police arrived in time to save him and the woman.

A week later, Wal-Mart terminated Oswald. The excuse? Seems he, Oswald, violated the company’s violence policy during that lunch break rescuing a woman under assault.

The 7-month employee needs work. Watch him tell his story on WXYZ-ABC-7. Cowardly Wal-Mart did not tell their side to the TV news, probably because that side is indefensible. Here’s the store number to contact the manager: (810) 632-0039.

You might want to contact the global head of HR (oops, the “People Division) M. Susan Chambers in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Also Wal-Mart has a euphemistically labeled “Ethics Office” gloating about their morally superior conduct. Guess altruism is not ethical at Wal-Mart.


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NYT Steven Greenhouse on Wal-Mart irresponsibility for foreign supplier killing factories

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Wal-Mart has vowed to improve safety problems among suppliers who make clothes for the company after at least 111 workers died in a deadly fire at a Bangladesh garment factory. But inspection reports found inside the facility underscore fundamental problems with how Wal-Mart’s supply chain allows it to avoid improving conditions. “One of the main monitoring companies, inspection companies for Wal-Mart, admitted that ‘We don’t even check whether factories have emergency exits, whether they have fire escapes or fireproof, smoke-proof enclosed staircases.’ And this factory did not have outdoor fire escapes, did not have enclosed staircases,” says Steven Greenhouse, labor and workplace reporter for the New York Times about his latest investigation, “As Walmart Makes Safety Vows, It’s Seen as Obstacle to Change.”


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Video of Wal Mart workers protesting

Monday, November 26th, 2012

Wal Mart and its apologists like to discount the troubles experienced by underpaid, no-benefit employees. On Black Friday, around the country, workers (who will most likely lose their jobs) bravely stood in front of stores to tell shoppers about their mistreatment. Here is some video of some SF Bay Area protests.

Video From the SF Labor Hour News


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Brave Wal Mart Workers Stand Up

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

To live better … To be paid a living wage … To not have to depend on others … To not be retaliated against for speaking out for justice and respect

The group OUR Walmart, which stands for Organization United for Respect at Walmart, is enlisting a broad range of allies to publicize its Black Friday protest across the U.S. The group asserts that Wal-Mart pays poverty-level wages, assigns too few hours a week and retaliates against protesting employees. Wal-Mart is famous for busting all union organizing events. But the world’s largest corporation is increasingly bothered by the planned protests on the busiest shopping day of the year and filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board. The group OUR Walmart said it is not organizing a union drive, simply exercising individuals’ rights to protest. Wal-Mart contends picketing is illegal activity.


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Canadian union power humbles Wal-Mart

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Walmart, the world’s largest corporation, is famous for its anti-union stance–no U.S. store is unionized.



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Wal-Mart teams with DHS to terrorize us all

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

I’m not normally a fearful person.


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Yellow vest is Wal-Mart's new scarlet letter

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Many bullies prefer a public setting to humiliate their targets. In Las Vegas, a low-level Walmart woman supervisor (unnamed for some reason) confronted an 18 y.o. male temp demanding to know if he was gay. Fernando Gallardo answered “yes” not wanting to lie. What followed is well known to bullied targets. She excluded him from his 50 co-workers, allegedly tried to bribe co-workers to turn against Gallardo as she had successfully turned other managers. Remarkably, she shamed him by making him wear a yellow vest (think yellow star used by Nazis to mark Jews) while at work. HR rejected his complaint despite a Walmart corporate policy prohibiting anti-gay discrimination. So, he filed with the state Equal Rights Commission. Good luck Fernando. Read the original report. Someone, please get me this woman supervisor’s name!


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Trends in HR Anti-Employee Tactics, Part 1

Sunday, June 7th, 2009

Fact: HR (“human” resources) is a management support service, low-credibility department in medium-size to large businesses. HR is NOT an advocate for employees. The evidence is compelling that the opposite is true. To see what HR is trying to accomplish, pay attention to the most current trends in training and services created for HR.

Here are 3 examples from May-June, 2009 seminar marketing to HR.

“When Employees Strike Back”
“Banish Bullies and their Lawsuits”
“Make Unions Irrelevant”


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Wal-Mart Anti-Employee Guide

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

When Orson Mason wrote the union-prevention tips below, he was branch manager at a Greencastle, Indiana Wal-Mart store. He is still anti-union as an Employee Relations executive at Clarian Health Partners a non-union healthcare system that operates the Indiana University, Methodist and Riley Hospitals in Indianapolis, IN. In 2005, a union organizing effort for Clarian nurses was thwarted.

This essay was published as “Look for the Union Label” in Harper’s Magazine, October, 2004

Labor Relations and You at the Wal-Mart Distribution Center

by Orson Mason

Wal-Mart is opposed to unionization of its associates. Any suggestion that the Company is neutral on the subject or that it encourages associates to join labor organizations is not true. As a member of Wal-Mart’s management team, you are our first line of defense against unionization. This toolbox will provide you with valuable information on how to remain union-free in the event union organizers choose your facility as their next target.


  • Increased curiosity in benefits
  • Associates receiving unusual attention from other associates
  • Associates talking in hushed tones to each other
  • Abuse of rest-room visits
  • Associates spending an abnormal amount of time in the parking lot before and after work
  • Associates who are never seen together start talking or associating with each other and begin forming strange alliances


Unions have learned to identify certain types of individuals who are more susceptible to union exploitation than others:

  1. THE INEFFICIENT ASSOCIATE realizes that he will not be able to measure up to the facility’s standards and will be terminated. He is attracted to the union because they convince him that they will clothes him with the so-called shield of “job security.”
  2. THE REBELLIOUS ASSOCIATE is attracted to the union cause simply because he is opposed to all management or bosses. He consequently becomes an antagonist to the employer and a respondent to the union propaganda.
  3. THE SOMETHING-FOR-NOTHING ASSOCIATE is the typical injury faker who has collected worker’s compensation from most of his former employers. He is always looking for a deal. he takes every imaginable shortcut in his job and sincerely feels that the world owes him a living.
  4. THE CHRONICALLY DISSATISFIED ASSOCIATE might be one of the most productive associates, but he will find fault with everything. He is a hopeless griper, as distinguished from a constructive critic. He is truly an unhappy individual. He was probably born unhappy, is going to die unhappy, and is going to be unhappy for the duration between.
  5. THE CAUSE-ORIENTED ASSOCIATE will “jump” on any bandwagon that passes through his area. He was the same individual who joined all the “off-beat” organizations in high school or college. He once took a trip to India to visit his personal “guru.”
  6. THE OVERQUALIFIED ASSOCIATE is out of his element. He might well be a Ph.D. operating a grinding machine or a former accountant sweeping the floor, but his station in life has deteriorated to the point that his vanity suffers. He will attempt to exert his influence over his fellow associates in an effort to bolster his deflated ego and will be attracted to the union simply because the union will seem to offer hopes of returning him to his previous station in life.


If a union organizer contacts you demanding recognition or seeking to show you authorization cards, DO NOT acknowledge that the union represents a majority of your associates, DO NOT agree to look at any proof of majority support — such as authorization cards or membership applications — DO NOT agree to have a “neutral” party examine the offered proof of majority status. The proper response when a union organizer seeks recognition is to refer him/her to your Personnel Manager. Refuse to accept any documents from the union. Immediately after any conversation with a union rep, call the Union Hotline at 501-273-8300.

Staying union free is a full-time commitment. Unless union prevention is a goal equal to other objectives within an organization, the goal will usually not be attained. No one in management is immune from carrying his or her “own weight” in the union-prevention effort. Unless each member of management is willing to spend the necessary time, effort, energy, and money, the Wal-Mart union-free objective will not be accomplished.

The Keene Group, one of many consulting companies proud to prevent unionization for employers afraid to grant employee rights or dignity. Aren’t these the true “job killers”?


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