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Guest blog: Another USPS Workplace Tragedy

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

By Stephen D. Musacco, Ph.D. author of Beyond Going Postal

On the morning of June 2, 2009, a city letter carrier went to work and reportedly fatally shot himself in the head in the locker room at a postal facility in Gastonia, North Carolina. The Gaston Gazette online news report stated that the “Gastonia Police are investigating an apparent suicide this morning at the post office. . . . One of the employees is inside dead from a gunshot wound.”



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Trends in HR Anti-Employee Tactics, Part 1

Sunday, June 7th, 2009

Fact: HR (“human” resources) is a management support service, low-credibility department in medium-size to large businesses. HR is NOT an advocate for employees. The evidence is compelling that the opposite is true. To see what HR is trying to accomplish, pay attention to the most current trends in training and services created for HR.

Here are 3 examples from May-June, 2009 seminar marketing to HR.

“When Employees Strike Back”
“Banish Bullies and their Lawsuits”
“Make Unions Irrelevant”


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New Book Edition Now Available

Monday, May 18th, 2009

The Bully At Work, 2nd edition
What you can do to stop the hurt and reclaim your dignity on the job
by Gary Namie, PhD & Ruth Namie, PhD

Bully At Work, 2nd ed

Completely rewritten

Order from this page for discount


If the prior edition of this book helped you when you were bullied at work, please write a comment below. Thanks,



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