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Artie T. back in saddle at Market Basket – worker revolt successful

Thursday, August 28th, 2014

UPDATE: Success.

We reported in late July about the long-standing feud between second generation owners of the Market Basket grocery store chain in the Northeast. Arthur S. Demoulas fired his cousin Artie T. Workers rose in support because he had done several costly things to help financially strapped workers when the stock market collapse ate up retirement savings. Local politicians called for boycotts of the stores. Shelves ran bare. Governors in two states pled for a solution.

Now, Artie T.’s offer to buy the chain, to remove Artie S., has been accepted by the Board. Artie T. will restore all lost jobs. Artie S. had fired protestors.

Life resumes to normal in a couple of months as the chain reverts to control by Artie T.

This is a very rare story where non-union workers prevailed. A great story. Justice.


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60 Minutes video: Robots, not human workers, are in demand

Monday, January 14th, 2013

Watch this CBS-TV 60 Minutes segment on the booming market for robotic workers that replace humans. It’s not sci-fi. MIT researchers are clear that even if manufacturing returns to the U.S., humans will not be involved. Robots will produce the products. This video is a celebration of technology’s limitless future and ability to build wealth for some few entrepreneurs and investors.

Remaining unexplored is the impact on a nation’s human population that is denied gainful employment and all that that provides. Why is the toll on humans not part of the “inevitable” rise of technology? Perhaps we should slow down and ponder consequences of each new “advance.”

What machines, gizmos, technologies (hardware or software) have actually improved economic and living conditions for humans and not businesses?


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