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The Workplace Bullying Institute services are not to be construed as the "practice of psychology" as defined by various State regulations. If you or your company seek psychological services, you must contract with individuals licensed to practice psychology -- to obtain testing, diagnosis, psychotherapy -- in your state. The Workplace Bullying Institute does business consulting only to correct and prevent workplace bullying.

The Workplace Bullying Institute does not conduct psychological measurement, assessement or evaluation by means of psychological, neuropsychological or psychoeducational testing. Nor do we diagnose or treat mental, emotional or behavioral disorders or psychological aspects of illness, injury or disability. We do not conduct counseling or psychotherapy, as defined by extant state regulations. Local licensed mental health professionals should be contacted, if required.

Both Dr. Gary Namie and Dr. Ruth Namie have earned doctorates in psychology from accredited universities. However, neither has a current license to practice psychology. They are business consultants. With this Disclaimer, they explicitly represent themselves to NOT be licensed psychologists.

The Workplace Bullying Institute and the individual consultants are not responsible for the misuse or mischaracterization of their professional qualifications. This Disclaimer makes it clear that the person who misrepresents the facts contained in this Disclaimer is responsible, not the Drs. Namie.

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