August 23rd, 2010

Morrissey suicide story on Today Show

On Monday Aug. 23, the NBC-TV Today Show aired an interview with Maria Morrissey, sister of Kevin Morrissey who committed suicide on July 30 in Charlottesville, VA in connection with his job at the Virginia Quarterly Review on the campus of the University of Virginia. Also interviewed was Morrissey’s co-worker, Waldo Jaquith. For the most details about the story, read The Hook article.


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  1. NilaB_PDX says:

    I have witnessed bullying and have been bullied regularly. I, and others, have tried to work within the system, talked to HR (human resources) repeatedly and upper management, which does NOTHING, nor does it improve ETHICS within the company. It just slows the inevitable. Even former work “friends” can bully. (Be aware that HR will NOT do to anything other than make you feel temporarily nice and report you to upper management. Their job is to protech the company wallet, not you.)

    The minute you are bullied, start job hunting and cut your expenses. Beans & Rice!
    If you are bullied and haved talked to HR & management repeatedly, leave the company before it takes a further toll. Don’t help an unethical company, go to “stealth” war.
    Don’t slink off like a little dog, make sure you take all your contacts, training, knowledge, experience that the unethical company gave you and subtlely give it to their competitors.
    Be stealthy, Don’t be petty, Don’t Badmouth, keep your dignity, just maintain your professional contacts and take your clients, & your business knowledge. Subtley steer your clients to more ETHICAL sources, and give your knowledge, training & expertise that the unethical company has provided. Actively recruit & assist all good co-workers at that company in finding better jobs somewhere else.
    Don’t help an upper-manager that tolerated a bully, pretended to help you, and really only faked it.

    On a side note, if it happens regularly, save all emails, and if you can, video the creep in the act to put on Youtube, just have somebody edit out your face, and edit your name out of all emails. Post on Youtube. Be aware this could snap back on you, so the videos better be especially funny, horrible, or worth it.

  2. Richard Maxwell says:

    Nonbulliers, nonperpetrators, and victims should
    realize that we live in a sociopathic society
    that puts decent people at a distinct disadvantage.

  3. Seuz says:

    I worked at UVA Medical center for 22 years and I had to take early retirement at the age of 53 due to years of being bullied by supervisors and management. HR or EAP never helped, they just made things worse. They are not there for the employee, only for management! They make a person feel like they were crazy and they say there’s no laws against bullying. I was told that I might have post traumatic stress syndrome due to workplace bullying.
    I think the bully, just like the drunk needs to pay for their actions!

  4. […] show, one of Morrissey’s colleagues called the behavior of Genoways “egregious.” If you want more details, by all means dive in at the Hook and the Chronicle of Higher Ed. […]

  5. Marla Love says:

    I’ve decided to press harassment charges against my bully boss. How else can we help our children with bullying if we don’t stand up for ourselves as an example for them? Would you like more information?

    • Sandy Laung says:

      I have been bullyied for several years by the employer. It is a very small company and she gets away with anything and everything. I have taken time off (unpaid) due to the stress, health issues I have endured. I may try to seek a lawyer for advice. Can you point me in the right direction??? Please!!


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