October 24th, 2013

Pepper-spray campus cop wins workers comp higher than victims

If ever there was a mis-named program, it’s “workers compensation.” The intent by its creators was to provide an option for injured workers so they would be dissuaded from filing lawsuits against their employers. A better name would be Negligent Employers Protection.

Bullied targets find it difficult to claim a WC injury that is compensable. In other words, psychiatric injuries are rarely paid. In many states, the Chamber of Commerce is lobbying to eliminate stress as a cause of injuries eligible for compensation.

So, it is disgusting that a Marine veteran turned 11 year college campus cop, John Pike, 40, won a WC award. On a terror-filled Friday Nov. 18, 2011 afternoon on the University of California, Davis campus during a peaceful seated protest then-Lt. John Pike maliciously pepper-sprayed the protestors. Pike was put on 8 months paid leave (with his salary of $121,680) before being terminated in April 2012.

Said one psychiatrist involved in Pike’s WC claim, Pike suffered “continuing and significant internal and external stress with respect to resolving and solving the significant emotional upheavals that have occurred” in his life. Sounds like a victim of violence, right? He was the perpetrator as was so well captured on camera that day (see video below for a reminder of what he did).

For his stress, Pike receives a $38,056 WC award and gets to use his retirement funds so often denied to other public sector workers. The 21 protestors he sprayed with a spray not approved for use on campus and from too close a distance split a $1 million settlement. They received $30,000 each with another 15 receiving $6,666 each.

According to the report in the Davis Enterprise, Bernie Goldsmith, a Davis lawyer supportive of the protesters, said that the settlement “sends a clear message to the next officer nervously facing off with a group of passive, unarmed students: Go on ahead. Brutalize them. Trample their rights. You will be well taken care of.”


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