August 11th, 2011

Unions & the Middle Class


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  1. kachina says:

    Having worked in a unionized position where I was routinely required to work eighty hours in seven consecutive nights, I can’t say that I am a staunch union supporter. Having attempted to address the safety concerns and work/life balance issues with both the union and the employer without success, the best solution I can imagine would be for both unions and employers to affirm their respect for workers by negotiating contracts where the “worst case senario” is a sustainable work force.

    I cannot comprehend why employers or unions would not support such measures. We still realize that dollars have value, but seem to have forgotten that people have inherent value and have a right to living/working conditions that make having a healthy, balanced life possible. No human being should be treated as an expendable or disposable commodity.

    • Jay Jacobus says:

      Unions can further their reputation by being a positive force in society.

      All too often a union is seen as a group of self-serving antagonists and provacateurs. Unions seem to be about winning rather than serving.

      Whatever ideals a union expounds, their methods will damage their reputations and they will find that they get the blame for many commercial failures.

      Unions need to worry about their reputations and seek to provide active and positive services to employees. Taking on bullies might be one ideal they can adopt provided they don’t become too fierce in their advcocy.

      • kay says:

        I love the idea of union support and representation. I fully believe that the movement began out of necessity and that necessity is even stronger today. Having said that I also have seen the behavior and interworkings of a unionized staff.

        In my situation my union pres and vp were serious bullies and not the kind that stands up fiercely when they are challenged in their behavior. In fact they seemed to change right before me and the true cowardly colors came out and they were speachless. As long as I behaved maturely and ignored their harassment and near daily bullying of calling me Princess and b****, t****, sl** and saying that I was not an angel or “perfect”, they would take me to the mat and emotionally stab and shoot at me daily. They would do this mostly when the decent employees were gone for the day and the office was thin, but would say to me that I was so professional and a “silent observer”. They were covert in their tactics and lied when finally after years confronted.

        My union pres and vp were nothing but trouble making self serving middle aged women who seemed to be eager to prey on a responsible, mature, respectful, committed, intelligent and dare I say attractive employee and union member. They were miserable and would speak about their personal lives and challenges. I am cognicent of feelings and no matter how much I tried to be kind and polite and forgiving over and over to avoid a blow up. They were determined to harm me.

        Ultimately, the harassing male supervisor saw an opening due to the inadequacies of union reps and the climate of abuse that was already rampent and he ended up doing something terrible to me.

        I dont like what I see with union representation. I know it should be different. The two women would try and persuade and scare any supporters or those who would openly comment and oppose my harassment, to participate or keep quiet. Ultimately, the two even allowed retaliation of those supportive employees.

        I still cant believe all of the sick sociopathic mess I have seen in a work environment. I cant believe all that I had witnessed with others to be allowed, condoned and done by management and supervision as well as co-worker abuse. Ultimately the cover up is further astonishing. I never wanted to know about this in general, but my union representation should be jailed or worse for what they allow. One stepped down and the other worse is still pretending to be fit.

        I hope other unions are not this way.

  2. Barbara says:

    All I will ever remember about my union that I thought was there to protect me (California Teachers Association)… is that they didn’t.

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