September 12th, 2012

For Bullied Targets, Unions Necessary or Not?

According to 223 visitors to the Workplace Bullying Institute site over the 2012 Labor Day holiday period, 76% of respondents to our Instant Poll question considered unions necessary. In nearly equal numbers, 72% believed that unions need to change, to adapt to either do a better job stopping bullying or to reinvent themselves to better unify workers.

During the late August-early September period, we posted the following question:

Unions on 2012 Labor Day: Are unions necessary to address workplace bullying? Choose the one best response.

The proportions of respondents who chose each response alternative were:

Necessary. But unions must do more to stop bullying. .493

Necessary. To balance power with employers that foster bullying. .261

Unnecessary. We need to speak as unified employees, but current unions are not the answer.

Unnecessary. Employees by themselves can make employers stop bullying. .021

WBI Instant Poll single-question surveys give results that can be extrapolated only to bullied targets (known to be 98% of site visitors who complete surveys). Results are not representative of a larger population like our national scientific studies.

Gary Namie, PhD, WBI Research Director

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