September 20th, 2011

Congress: Stop Bullying the Post Office

With sickening regularity since the crackpots rose to power in Congressional committees, hearings in “the People’s House” have wasted time pounding on government agencies that receive NO MONEY from taxpayers or Congress. The goal? To shame, humiliate, berate, to bully agencies targeted for scapegoating. The Postal Service has been targeted by former car thief (turned millionaire from a car alarm business, irony?) Rep. Issa for elimination.

The false claim is that the Post Office is broke. (And Social Security and Medicare did not cause the recession/depression; investment banker gamblers did.) Turns out that Geo. Bush in 2006 torpedoed the USPS with legislation requiring an unprecedented prepayment of anticipated pension funds to cover 75 years of operation!

Issa’s move is both union-busting and privatization of a cherished American tradition. Here’s the real story behind the headlines pronouncing (almost celebrating) the death of the USPS.


More news to come about this important story.


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  1. She says:

    If Congress owns the Post office, WHY are they deliberately going out of business?? Did they buy FEDEX stocks and bonds? Bloody gambling fools!

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