December 8th, 2010

Canadian union power humbles Wal-Mart

Walmart, the world’s largest corporation, is famous for its anti-union stance–no U.S. store is unionized.

New hires hear the message that no walmart associate will ever need, nor ever want, a union. They fire organizers and mount counter-union campaigns. One former manager, Orson Mason, wrote a guide to recognizing worker “types attracted to unions.” You can read his memo to other walmart managers. Geez, you think that preferring to work with dignity in a place free from abuse makes me or you a type attracted to unions?

But there is good news from Canada.

The first walmart union was a store in Jonquiere, Quebec in 2005 that the company shut down when ordered to negotiate.

In 2008, workers at a walmart Tire & Lube shop in Gateneau, Quebec voted to unionize and the company shut down the shop.  But in 2010 back in Gatineau, another UFCW election was held and 150 workers won the right to be represented.

A walmart store in Saint-Hyacinthe now has a contract with UCFW Local 501. In Weyburn Saskatchewan, the struggle to unionize has been a drawn-out process. Starting with a vote in 2004 and certification in 2008, countless frivolous appeals by the corporation, ending with a supreme court decision on  October 14, 2010, upholding the union’s right to represent the workers. Walmart has to move forward now and negotiate a contract. To date, there are 3 unions in place in walmart Canada.

How about the U.S. walmarts?

Read the details at the union website.


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