June 18th, 2010

Yellow vest is Wal-Mart's new scarlet letter

Many bullies prefer a public setting to humiliate their targets. In Las Vegas, a low-level Walmart woman supervisor (unnamed for some reason) confronted an 18 y.o. male temp demanding to know if he was gay. Fernando Gallardo answered “yes” not wanting to lie. What followed is well known to bullied targets. She excluded him from his 50 co-workers, allegedly tried to bribe co-workers to turn against Gallardo as she had successfully turned other managers. Remarkably, she shamed him by making him wear a yellow vest (think yellow star used by Nazis to mark Jews) while at work. HR rejected his complaint despite a Walmart corporate policy prohibiting anti-gay discrimination. So, he filed with the state Equal Rights Commission. Good luck Fernando. Read the original report. Someone, please get me this woman supervisor’s name!


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  1. JoAnna Toth says:

    THIS IS ABSOLUTELY SICKENING! This person (sorry, she does not deserve the term woman, actually she does not deserve to be called a person) is a perfect example of what EVIL stands for, she will be judged by God as she has judged this man. I pity her and her ignorance! SHE is the one who should be shamed!

  2. TI says:

    Amazing that someone would do that. The simple fact that it is so blatant is that she felt as though she would not be caught as so often is the case. When people are scared of being caught, they behave differently. Hopefully the situation will be redressed. Walmart is certainly a company I would not work for. Often hiring is one sided and the company holds all the cards because they have the money. But certainly as individuals we can say, well, this company has a history of discrimination, I don’t want to be another one of its victims, and I don’t want to work for it. It is harder when it is a government agency that discriminates. I do hope that in the 21st century we realize that we need to utilize everyone’s talents and educated everyone. It will make the world more prosperous.

  3. Jackson Peters says:

    Actually this is Classic Bully behavior and is so common in America and out of control! This LOW-level supervisor should be FIRED and if each state had a law to protect against this rampant form of HATE/abuse, something could be effectively done, with greater ease; as discrimination or harrassment legislation is often ineffective and far more people, straight as well as other orientations, routinely endure overt BULLY TACTICS from both co-workers and SUPERVISORS, who thus far have operated without penalty. I hope this lad gets compensated, but more importantly I hope the majority of citizens of these United States wake up and get behind enactment of laws in each state that penalizes SEVERELY those whom have maintained in BULLY MODE for too long!

    Write your senators and congressmen and continue to inundate them with demands for such legislation to be introduced in their states, against BULLYING! The fallout of such bully tactics unchecked is nothing less than PTSD, which our military men and women exposed to the horrific conditions of WAR, routinely suffer from.

    If Mental Illness had not been MAINSTREAMED in the 1970’s, the genuine NUT cases that are infecting our society now, might still be institutionalized or at least required to submit to therapy until they recover.

    Don’t give up, get up and advocate for legislation against this type of ABUSE, wake up your political representatives to DO some proactive legislation to OUTLAW this PANDEMIC OF BULLYING in America!

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