August 15th, 2012

WBI Survey: Employers Still Not Dealing with Workplace Bullying

This summer 2012, 250 visitors to the Workplace Bullying Institute website completed an Instant Poll asking what was or is their EMPLOYER’S attitude toward workplace bullying. Sadly, 88% of American employers are still sitting on their hands and not taking action to solve the problem. See the complete results below.

30% said their employer deny bullying: “It (workplace bullying) doesn’t happen here”

34% report the attitude: “If it happens here, we’re not going to fix it” and this can be explained by not knowing what to do, being afraid of the bully themselves, or more likely, deliberately doing nothing if it’s reported because it benefits senior management in some twisted way.

24% of respondents said their employer abdicated responsibility to act by forcing target-victims to solve the problem with the bully’s cooperation: “If it happens here, it’s the responsibility of only the individuals involved to fix it themselves”

According to bullied targets, the respondents who make up research samples for WBI surveys, only 11.6% of employers felt responsible to act, that it was management who controls work conditions that allow bullying to gain a foothold, then to prosper in a toxic work environment sustained by management.

It’s 2012 and employers are still stalling.

We offer FREE prevalence surveys for employers so they can have a realistic appraisal of the magnitude of the problem in their organizations. But it looks like denial runs deep. Without data, they can falsely conclude that “it doesn’t happen here.”

Download a flyer of the results of this WBI 2012-E Instant Poll.


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