January 16th, 2013

WBI Survey: How Bullies Select Their Targets

WBI 2012-I Instant Poll

Individuals who are bullied ask themselves, “why me?.” They worry that some personal shortcoming is the reason. This self-defeating logic focuses responsibllity inward. The truth is that no one wakes on a work day with a plan to invite humiliation and torment, nor does anyone deserve it. Some academic researchers (e.g., Tepper) adopt “victim precipitation,” an ideology borrowed from criminology that has been thoroughly discredited. It leads to blaming victims/targets. Bullies may rationalize their actions with “the target made me do it,” but anecdotal evidence from targets and witnesses refute this notion.

This ninth 2012 online survey of 655 respondents was intended to replicate original WBI 2003 findings exploring, from the targets’ perspective, why they were targeted.

Workplace Bullying Institute Instant Polls are online single-question surveys that rely upon self-selected samples of individuals bullied at work (typically 98% of any sample). No demographic data are collected. Our non-scientific Instant Polls accurately depict the perceptions of workers targeted for bullying at work as contrasted with the views of all adult Americans in our scientific national surveys.

We asked:

Why were you (or the witnessed person) targeted for bullying? Check top 2 reasons. [1250 total votes]

Rank Percentage Response option
1 .208 Bully/ies threatened by target’s technical skills
2 .176 Bully/ies abusive-toxic personality/ies
3 .140 Target is not a political game player
4 .137 Bully/ies threatened by target’s popularity with others
5 .099 Target perceived as weak
6 .073 Single instigator convinced group to mob target
7 .070 Bully/ies are noticed by higher ups; promotions depend on willingness to aggress
8 .066 Bullying is rewarded at the workplace; experimentation encouraged
9 .021 Group did the bullying & became out of control
10 .010 Target deliberately provoked attacks upon self

Similar to the 2003 WBI survey results, targets stated that their technical prowess and personal popoularity posed a threat to their bully (chosen by 34.5% of respondents). Target strengths threaten bullies.

Two responses could indicate that bullies perceive a vulnerability in targets selected — not a political game player and perceived as weak — accounting for a combined 27.5%.

The majority of reasons for selection involve factors outside targets’ control — personality of the bully, an instigator igniting a mob, organizational incentives — totaling 38.5%. However, it’s nearly as frequent a set of reasons as is target strength.

Proponents of mobbing who point out Leymann’s original contention that group cruelty gains a momentum separate from any original reason for selecting the target will notice the extremely low percentage of bullied targets (2%) who stated that this was their experience.

Only 1% of target-respondents stated that their selection was a response to their provoking the bully to attack them. This finding counters the belief advanced by bully apologists that targets share responsibility for bullying with perpetrators.

Gary Namie, PhD
Research Director, WBI

© 2012 Workplace Bullying Institute. Do not use without proper citation of WBI as the source.

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  1. Lucia Vickers says:

    I like many others I’m certain are victims of supervisors that target them for constant ridiculing and harassment and bullying. After 5 years, and frankly putting my health at greater risk finally stood up to the bully and got fired. This company stands behind there bully as she has been with them from the start. Many people have ran out crying because of this bully. Now I am having the hardest time finding an attorney to even take our case and we have 6 people that have all been effected and abused by this person. This is one sad epidemic and seems that the rights are for the employers.

  2. . says:


    WBI Survey: How Bullies Select Their Targets | Workplace Bullying Institute

  3. Nitish says:

    Is there any way a target can turn the tables on the bully without being a bully himself? That is the question that we all should focus on. There is plenty of information on this website on the issue of workplace bullying, but there is very little information on how target can protect himself and avoid being bullied altogether. In my opinion, targets suffer more because they tolerate bullying for a long time before speaking up against it. Should the target show zero tolerance for bullying from the very first incident when the bully is “testing out” the target? What can a target do to avoid being a target and give a clear message to the power bully that the target is the wrong person to mess with? Any thoughts…?

    • Nitish, You make important points. Timing is everything. For instance, in two WBI studies we found that bullied targets indeed do confront their tormentors but the confrontation is delayed by months. The lesson from learning theory that applies is that if a negative consequence to an action is to effectively stop the action, it must follow immediately, not at a time when action (bullying) and consequence (confrontation/rebuff) are disconnected. So, the lag time undermines targets’ chances of backing the bully down.

      The second key point is that targets are by definition unable to answer the aggression directed toward them with aggression. They actually are morally superior but politically vulnerable because they cannot believe others can be so cruel. We constantly say, if the target could have responded with sharp criticism and confidence, she or he would have. They don’t because it is not in their nature. They are open to shock, surprise and self-blame when attacked. They might think of an aggressive comeback hours later. That is who targets are. That’s why teaching targets nifty comeback lines is futile.

      Others, who are not targets, the bully-proof among us and the majority, crush bullies who are testing people for vulnerability. One cannot avoid being a target when unexpected assaults come your way and your response style is not naturally aggressive. Once the claws are sunk in, it takes the employer to stop the bullying. Sadly, that rarely happens and targets pay the price with their jobs to stop their personal misery. I will write a short blog on the few personal things targets can do to become more difficult to bully.

  4. Dr Sherri Worth

    WBI Survey: How Bullies Select Their Targets | Workplace Bullying Institute

  5. Donald says:

    I cant say too much on here but I have been bullied all my life bluyling is seen by many as a natural and normal part of life which has to be put up with and endured and if the target of bluyling cannot take it in thier stride they are seen as mentally unstable in some way despite all the laws meant to protect people in Austrailia victims of bluyling are being told to toughen up and to shut up moaning the reality is that bullies will always win and we just have to take it

  6. http://www.theunion.net

    WBI Survey: How Bullies Select Their Targets | Workplace Bullying Institute

  7. qui sommes nous

    WBI Survey: How Bullies Select Their Targets | Workplace Bullying Institute

  8. Donns says:

    Bullies are unhappy cowards who bring others down as they already feel inadequate in themselves and see the target is superior in one or more respects.They test their target as you said but often underestimate them.Some targets will take so much just to confirm to self theyre not jumping the gun…then erupt with fury..shocking the bully into leaving them alone.My daughter is twelve and has aspergers and used this tactic naturally.She took so much..her anger built and one day she turned into the incredible hulk..scaring not only the bully but her friends too.It was so funny and I was so proud as she wasa alone.Said bully never bullied her again.

  9. twitter rightly

    WBI Survey: How Bullies Select Their Targets | Workplace Bullying Institute

  10. source website

    WBI Survey: How Bullies Select Their Targets | Workplace Bullying Institute

  11. Maree Parkinson's says:

    I went through 5 years of my supervisor doing everything on the list! I had to have surgeries on various parts of my body. Ever time I returned to work she was a monster!!!!!! I had emotional troubles every year! The last year my doctor who had done 22 surgically items from my fingers to my elbow. He wrote me a note to take me out of the work environment to disability. On Friday before I was given the time to do my disability work paper. Lucky a coworker called me to tell me she refused to let him work for me. She never called me her self which is a work courteous call. She was horrible nasty threatened my job, told me she had called our next step supervisor and he had given her permission to do so. Remember this a Saturday it was a weekend holiday so I had to wait till Tuesday to contact the higher supervisor. Of course this made me sick & took over my emotions. On Monday I went to my counseling appointment I was so stressed out she wrote me a letter taking me out of work. Which at the same time I sent in both letters in the work disability o my wanted to honor thee mental one. When I finally talked to work supervisor he denied those words & had honestly said it was a. Misunderstanding No troubles. But I had been overwhelmed with her bull I now had to disability. Left my job! As soon as I left work she & her followers turned to harassing my husband getting physical still to this day. I went out 3/1/16 & today is 1/15/17. We have both call corporate HR with no help.

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