August 17th, 2012

WBI 2012 Research Summary

2012 has been a busy year of research here at the Workplace Bullying Institute. We already have 8 studies archived at the site. All 2012 surveys to date are online (non-scientific, self-selected samples), relying on site visitors to be respondents (known to be predominantly a group of bullied individuals) so we can teach others how bullying affects innocent workers. We have analyzed 7 Instant Polls (IP, single-question surveys) and one large multiple-item questionnaire with the biggest sample of the year. Here is the easy guide to finding the result of each study.

Survey Title of the Study Sample size
Strategies’ Effectiveness: What Works for Targets & What Doesn’t? 1,598 Results
IP-A Why Bullying Happens 658 Results
IP-B Employer Bullying Policies 311 Results
IP-C Aftermath of Contacting HR for Help 372 Results
IP-D Impact of Workplace Bullying on Employee Health 516 Results
IP-E Employers’ Attitudes Toward Responsibility to Stop Workplace Bullying 250 Results
IP-F Is Justice Attainable for Bullied Targets? 331 Results
IP-G When & Why Employers Will Stop Bullying 338 Results

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