June 18th, 2012

New WB University Alumns offer hope for targets of workplace bullying

The most positive outcome for Ruth and me from our Workplace Bullying University is the hope attendees share with us. We get to bask in it for the three days we spend together. The June 2012 group was great. WBU participants are always the cream of the crop. All bring firsthand knowledge of being bullied. All have special talents to convince organizations to change. All are committed to helping make our society less tolerant of bullying. We had the typical mix of Canadian and American professionals. The special treat this time was our first Australian to attend in person. All left with the WBI message, materials and research to disseminate in their corner of the world. University is perhaps the most fulfilling work we do. We owe that feeling to the optimism participants impart to these two cynics who sometimes fear that evil people who rule will win in the long run. In the afterglow of an exhausting University training, our spirits rise, believing that “yes we can change the world because the good moral people say so!”

Special thanks to the new WBU Alumns — Anita, Sarah, Nathalie, Stephanie, Michael and Sean — who join the ranks of the elite WBI-trained affiliates spreading the word throughout the world. Learn how to become a WBI Affiliate by attending Workplace Bullying University.


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